CFL trying to negotiate fair expansion draft

only 1 QB should be protected, IMO.

ottawa should be able to go through rosters in rounds.
round 1, they pick 1 player from each team starting with QB's.
if a QB is picked from a team, that teams roster is off limits for the next 2 rounds.

all teams are going to lose players to the draft and get weaker, thus balance remains across the league.

allow ottawa to start 2 less canadians for the first 2 years, thus, giving them 2 years to draft canadians.

ottawa MUST be a playoff contender out of the gate.
we know where the other path leads us. we've been there before.
it ends with ottawa folding.

Ok so if it takes years to develop a quarterback (your words). If teams protect their backups and starters what is Ottawa supposed to do for those "years" ? Ah yes same as last time, lose for five years and fold so that the guy they developed can lead another team to the Grey Cup. That's just awesome !

And who says teams can't protect the players you list ?

My 2 cents on the protecting of quarterbacks and players in general:

I think the CFL needs to look at structuring the draft by position... for example, the first 2 rounds are for QB's. In round one, every team gets to protect 1 QB. This enables the expansion team to get a quality backup/starter. Then in the second round of QB selection every team gets to protect 2 QB's and the expansion team can not select a QB from the team they took their first QB from. This should minimize the impact on teams while giving the expansion team legitimate starters.

I think a similar structure to above could work for the drafting of Canadians as well.

if a team can only protect 1 QB, who do the Als protect? Calvillo, Mcpherson or Leak?

do they protect McPherson, knowing ottawa would be quick to draft calvillo?

or, do they protect Calvillo, thus saying goodbye to Mcpherson, and making Leak the QB of the als future?

Tough choice if the Als had to make that call now. . . but I believe that the draft isn’t going to be held until 2013 so by then it’ll be academic, AC will have retired by then (?)

All of you guys have forgotten one important issue. The Renegades did get a first string QB developed from their own system.They took a defensive back [ who had university QB experience ] and got themselves one of the best QBs in the league. This QB won a Grey Cup for Sask and, after several years, he retained his skills enough to be Toronto's QB last year.Despite this the Ottawa fans still stayed away!!!

if you were to have every team protect two, then Ottawa doesn't get a possible starting QB..

this is what they want to avoid!

think about this ok?

they'll get to probably choose 2 QBs from a list of what, 15?

so likely only 2 teams will lose their backups.. BIG DEAL!! oh no, god forbid the league allows a potential starter to not play!?!>?!

WRONG. they didn't stay away it was the owners didn't do enough to keep them from coming back and from bringing more fans with them!

you have to market your team like hell to everyone! get the sponsors, have special promotions, get your players out there to the malls and other numerous places where there is a lot of public interaction!

the owners of the previous team failed to do that.

these guys will do whatever it takes to get that stadium filled every game!

Good point about Montreal...but it won't apply to this draft IMO unless Calvillo has some kind of rejuvenation MIRACLE up his sleeve.

I still contend that you can't take away young quarterbacks teams have been grooming for years in their system. It would be destructive to the whole league to force teams into that kind of a decision. Ottawa...if they are thinking of a franchise...will need a good GM regardless...and should be forced to do what Jim Barker and the Argos have done...scour the continent and make some finds.

Back to Montreal...McPherson was a blacklisted quarterback languishing in Arena Ball....and I might add...that's where Jim Popp found Gerold Brown and Billy Parker...which is what made the Chip Cox's brilliant move to linebacker possible in the first place. Creativity all around.

My point is...if Ottawa or ANY expansion team is going to be successful it's going to have to start at the TOP. The owners and GM are going to have to be top rate....or they are going to fail right out of the box. Arguing about who gets what players from whom is secondary.

Nobody is arguing that Ottawa has to do its own homework. But that homework won’t pay off in the first year or even second year. The terms of the expansion draft are not about year 3, 4 and 5, they are about how to be fair for years 1 and 2.

THAT is the most ridiculous thing I have read on these forums in MONTHS... give me a break.. a playoff contender???

Sticking a golden spoon in their mouths just to appease the fans. .screw that. either they want football or they don't... wow.. a playoff
Hamilton has supported their team through the leanest years and THEY have no such guarantee...what a crock!!

well, you have to give them some chance. you can't expect them to have no chance at winning..

I would think successful first year for them would be 6-12.

thats realistic.

and we all know the Riders will give them 1 win. that's a given.. cause they do it at least once a season (see Edmonton game 17-14)

anyone else notice, only hamilton fans seem to be offended at the thought of ottawa being competitive out of the gate?

I think money will talk here meaning if the Hunt group pays a very, very fair price for the team, the CFL will try and be sure the team has access to as many quality players as is possible without getting other teams totally peeved off sort of thing.

Yeah, it's like: "Our team sucked for a long time through self-created problems, poor ownership, and poor management. So let's make the expansion team go through the same heartache." Boot camp syndrome at its finest. :lol:

Honestly, Cats fans, if you can stop thinking of your team and your suffering for one minute, you'll see that it is in the best interests of the whole league to have a competitive Ottawa franchise out the gate. That franchise won't have had the benefit of years of grooming and developing players or building chemistry on offense or defense, so they will obviously need more help up front. That help should come in the form of other teams only protecting one quarterback so that they can actually get a half-decent guy to build around instead of Dan F. Crowley.

heaven forbid ottawa is competitive out of the gate and challenges hamilton for a playoff position...OH NO :roll:

i hope winnipeg stays in the east division when ottawa comes back in the league!
winnipeg should stay in the east until the CFL has 5 legit eastern teams ( 10 team league ), IMO.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but I can understand the position of Hamilton fans. The Ti-Cats had to go through years with bad teams and rebuild from scratch, and now in comes Ottawa, and the league wants to make sure they're immediately a playoff contender. From the perspective of a fan who had to watch his team work hard at becoming a playoff team again, it doesn't seem fair.

BTW, wasn't part of the problem in Ottawa poor management and ownership...? :expressionless: At least Hamilton was able to hang on to its team. Just saying...

I was going to make a post about how significant the difference would be to the expansion team if they could only choose among the other teams' 3rd stringers as opposed to being able to select their second stringers. . . but the difference is not as significant as I had first assumed.

If the other teams can protect 2 Qbs each, and the draft were to be held today (as opposed to 2013 when things might look much different), then Ottawa would pick among Jarious Jackson (BC), Jason Maas (Edmonton), Daryll Clark (Calgary), Cole Bergquist (Saskatchewan), Joey Elliot (Winnipeg), Adam Tafralis (Hamilton), Ken Dorsey (Toronto) and Chris Leak (Montreal).

Now if teams could only protect one QB, then Ottawa would have access to Travis Lulay, Jared Zabransky, Drew Tate, Ryan Dinwiddie, Alex Brink, Quinton Porter, Dalton Bell, and Adrian McPherson.

Now, other than McPherson, is that second list really all that much superior to the first list? I'm not so sure really. . . better yes, but a whole lot better? I don't know. . .

when ottawa folded after the 2005 season, they had finally become a playoff contender, at 7-11 ( after 3 years of building ).

they should be able to start 2013 with a team capable of going, atleast, 7-11, IMO.

ofcourse it is a whole lot better. they have access to McPherson, who is a VERY GOOD starting QB...that is, unless montreal protects Mcpherson and gives ottawa Calvillo for his twilight years, which would be a positive start for ottawa.

That's why I said it will be a whole different kettle of fish in 2013 than it might look like now. By then, AC may have retired and McPherson be the starter, in which case he wouldn't be available regardless of whether teams can protect 1 or 2 QBs. And, even if the draft were to be held in 2012, AC might choose to retire if he was left unprotected, rather than go to an expansion team. . .