CFL trying to negotiate fair expansion draft

I can't imagine teams only being able to protect one QB is going to go over well... :expressionless:

I think any player making backup money should have the opportunity to be a starter. Let teams protect one QB 8 Canadians and 16 imports.

It's to bad there isn't a 10th team that could come in with Ottawa, for the much required equal scheduling.

well, I think they should do it positional too.

Protect 1 QB, 1 RB 2 WR's 3 O Lineman...

for offense.

As an Als fan, I want to scream blue murder at only being able to protect 1 quarterback.

As a CFL fan, I know it's the right thing to do. This Ottawa team absolutely has to be competitive from the get-go. We can't eff things up this time around.

Am I the only one that think that Ottawa should rise to the top the way every team does?
Sorry but c'mon.Give them a winning team or there's a good chance they'll ditch it again?
Cry me a river.I'm sure Moncton would appreciate the hell out of the opportunity to have a team, winning right away or not.
This is probably gunna get me attacked but I don't care :lol:

Considering that your team formed through the union of two existing teams and my team was basically the previous year's Grey Cup champs transplanted to Montreal, I don't think either of us is in a position to be holier-than-thou about this issue.

There is no 'every other team' case because none of the other CFL teams have come into being the way Ottawa has and will.

The CFL has a history of selfish individuals putting themselves ahead of the league. Everyone knows what Ottawa fans have gone through, there is the usual group of people in Ottawa trying to make this fail and the league needs to commit to a competitive team out of the gate.

Anyway Jeff Hunt's group is not going to pay the league 10 million in expansion fees and 30 million in a new real estate project to get the other teams discards.

Can you imagine Hunt's group pulling out and Melnyk and the MLS taking the project over. That would be real good for the CFL.

Completely agree. I don't think Hunt & co. are asking to be Grey Cup contenders right out of the gate, just not be assured of 1-17, then 3-15, then 7-11 the first three years. I don't think it unreasonable at all, for the good of the League (as HFxTC notes), to have them field a team out of the gate that has a reasonable shot at having a .500 season.

If you don't setup the draft properly, Ottawa will end up over paying for free agents, the other franchises will lose some players anyway and it just becomes a domino effects of problems.

Jeff Hunt might as well come out and say ok CFLPA don't sign deals beyond 2013, we won't bother with the draft and we have 4.5 million dollars to spend of free agents... Sign 8 Non import free agents and go from there.

Not only having a team in Ottawa with a competitive shot is a good thing for the CFL.
But before you guys get bent out of shape, every single CFL team has benefited from dispersal drafts. The same principle applies, a team invests in them, develops them and loses them.

Also the expansion draft is just one part of building a new team, the frannchise is still going to have to draft and recruit players if they want to be competitive.

Lastly, I think the ratio should be more flexible for an expansion team. Just like in junior hockey, where instead of the usual 3 over-agers (20 year old players), expansion teams are allowed a maximum of 5-6.

not sure if that is possible here.

what do you do? allow them more Imports to start? how about just allow them to have better access to Canadians from other teams.

think about this. in 2013, the Riders will have to put up a couple of their Canadian receivers.

so think of it this way.

we have

Fantuz, Getzlaf, Clermont (likely not here by 2013),Bagg, Sisco,

of those 5 or 4 if Clermont retires..

who do you keep? and who do you allow to be drafted. cause you know the Ottawa team will take 1 for sure.

Give them a bunch of picks, access to any 1 player from all teams, teams can safe tag up to 5 players on their entire roster and the rest comes from FA and college boys from the south.

Protect Fantuz, take your chances with the rest. Fantuz and Dressler are the top names in SSK's receiving corps. Bagg and Getzlaf are frankly overrated. Their numbers are strictly middle of the pack league-wide. If they weren't Canadian, I doubt we'd hear much about them.

I dunno, Bagg has good speed and he is quite shifty!

Getzlaf has good hands and he's not bad for speed.

I am pretty sure that if the Eskimos could obtain either of those two they would in a second!

which is why I hope they're both under contract for a while! I do NOT want to lose any of our Canadian Receivers to the Esks. I would be very upset.

I'm not saying they're bad. Just overrated. They're good solid MOR receivers who get way too much hype because of that silly Canadian Air Force thing.

Obviously an expansion team will grab guys like Bagg and Getzlaf if they're available, but neither player is a game-breaker. Make either one the no. 1 receiver facing double coverage and the numbers would dry up.

I haven't seen anything from Sisco yet (haven't watched SSK games much lately) so i'd say let him go.But the weakest link excluding him is easily Getzlaf.

well, Sisco hasn't seen too much action yet, mostly on Special teams.

They want to groom him into another Canadian receiver, eventually starting.

they may be looking at a few really minor changes.

Also they need to take into account the SMS, that was not around last time.

It is complicated but one thing is certain for the team to be competitive and have its payroll in order the rest of the team will have to give up some depth and quality. They might as well accept that.

And again there is no Canadian depth problem in this league. When you have guys like Etienne Boulay, Jordan Sisco, Johnny Saint-Pierre, Jamal Lee sitting on the bench, it is all excuses.

I have a lot of faith in Mark Cohon to work his way through the lobbying of GM and get the owners to understand what is good for the league.

That's ridiculous

Teams all over the league have spent years developing their quarterbacks of the future. Porter in Hamilton, McPherson in Montreal, Tate in Calgary, Zabransky in Edmonton...the list goes on and on. To suddenly say, "Sorry guys but you've got to give him up" a league where learning the game is such a long and involved process would be tantamount to taking a parents kid away for NO reason...and forcing them to make the choice.

Two quarterbacks protected is the ONLY sensible way to go. There's more than enough remaining talent to choose from.