CFL Trying to do away with Non Import Rule

You forgot to mention the 10 year contract and zero increase to the cap for 10 years too!
IMHO, they were setting the tone of non - negotiations


I see them as the same issue they

don't like what they are selling three downs and Canadians playing it .

What does that say to anyone buying into the league ?

It sounds like they are giving up and blowing it up .

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..... it does seem like bad timing after covid to not play nice .


If you look at Montreal, Toronto and the STELCO minority partner in Hamilton you might have a legitimate point. I don't think these are 3 down guys. I might put Calgary in that category as well. The BOG has drastically changed over the last 10 years.

Definitely there is a change in the room and what is valued .

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We’ll never know if they were setting the tone or responding to an equally preposterous offer from the Players’ side. The CFLPA never shared what they put on the table in the early discussions. They may well have asked for a $10M cap with three year fully guaranteed contracts.

I’d say that what we do know is that the owners never truly expected that silly discussion starter to become the framework of a new CBA so getting hung up on what it reportedly said is a bit of a fool’s errand. The current offer on the table came just a few days later and looks absolutely nothing like that initial nonsensical offer.


I agree, but we can only go by what the media(TSN) has told us


on where he feels the league went wrong w/ negotiations: "They had zeroes across the board. Zero Canadians across the board. Zero salary cap increases. That was their 1st offer & it came so late in the game, it took everyone aback."


So this is interesting they are going up to 8 Nationals but 1 will be a nationalized American and 3 more only have to play for 51% of the game rotated with Nationalized Americans. So what is that 5.5 Nationals from 7 now.

CFL, CFLPA verging on new seven-year collective bargaining agreement - 3DownNation
There will also be a change made to the ratio as of 2023 that will see the number of national starters raised from seven to eight. One of these players can be a “nationalized American,” which is defined as an American player who has been on the same team for three years or in the CFL for five years.

Three additional nationalized Americans will be permitted to rotate with national starters provided that they do not play more than 49 percent of the total offensive or defensive snaps in a game. These additional nationalized Americans cannot play on the same side of the ball.


How will Andre Proulx keep track of all this?

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How will anyone keep track of all this


Let’s see - “82 plays * 0.49. Eh, number 46, get da ‘ell out of ‘ere. I saw you run on da field on play Turdy- nine. “

We’ll call it Proulxculus


They won't. It's stupid.

So, when will these Nationalized Americans be declared? At the beginning of the season? At the beginning of a game? What happens if one of them gets hurt, cut or traded during the season?

Then a new formula kicks in - the remaining 2 naturalized players get to go on the field for 66.5% of plays, excluding field goal attempts and kickoffs but punts are included. Pretty straightforward.

When the converted Americans go into the game, they shall provide the head referee with one Timbit indicating they are now a National.


In other words, you don't know

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I’d go 14 imports and 30 Canadians/non imports

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Like they did back in the 1980s.

Simple enough

When stadiums were full, the league play was better and you knew the players

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I do like the idea of Canadians on a roster but not having to start. It makes the roster and game management much easier.

It's hard enough to compile a championship roster without having to juggle the ratio.

The best Canadian players don't play anyways, just the ones that fit the roster composition the best.

[/quote] Exactly it’s not the best Canadian players it’s so they fit in where I want them

In the 80s, roster sizes were in the mid-30s overall. I'm not sure what the import / non-import / starter requirements were but as I understand it there were 10 Canadian starters as recently as the 90s..

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