CFL Trying to do away with Non Import Rule

Renew! Renew! Oh crap, my palm is turning red…. Gotta go, and fast!

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Bo Levi's best years so far were at 26 and 28 years of age. Some say he is done now @ 32. Jake Maier is 25. Dane Evans just turned 29

People cling to things they know without good reason for doing so.

Bo Levi also has more wear and tear. He played injured last season. Not all athletes deal with injuries the same way. Bo also took a big pay cut in the offseason so Calgary could afford him.

Run, runner!!

Well then it's confirmed. The Cats will only get 2 more seasons out of Dane Evans and then he will be designated as "over the hill". :smile:

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Look at the final couple of years that Burris had in Ottawa at age 40. Set passing records and the last CFL QB to throw 40 TD passes in a season.


Most of us thought Collaros should probably retire as well. No way of telling how things will work out. Bo could have a big bounce back year or continuation of more injuries. Sounds like he’s made peace with whatever happens.

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Having a decent O-line helps too. One reason why mobile QBs have been succesful in the CFL or a quick release guy. Teams try to fix the import rule by stocking up with inexperienced Canadian CIS O-linemen who are trying to block ex-NCAA and ex-NFL D-linemen

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Those inexperienced olinemen usually hold their own.


And they might sometimes have an advantage playing against rookie Americans who have no clue about the different CFL game: yard off the ball, way quicker pace, way bigger playing surface. Most CFL deep thinkers reserve the OT spots for Americans nowdays though (with a few exceptions), and when import OTs get beat like rented mules, there are excuses galore for them.


Never ever going to happen but my point was if it did it is not the end. Might attract better players earlier if they think they could play. Again, not going to happen.

Baker Mayfield is a free agent and only 27. Not likely to play for the CFL ELC though.

Trotting out old players means never giving the new ones a chance.

You prove yourself on the field.

If you are an older vet that isn’t delivering then stand back.

I haven’t seen a team that hasn’t pulled the trigger to deliver someone younger, faster.

It may not always work (Ottawa) but a QB that is consistently faltering doesn’t last too long. It may take a poor season to make substantial changes but changes do come.


There is nooooo sanctuarrrryyy!

Name one superstar that didn't make their name before 30. Picture the 28 guys that never got a chance because of Tom Brady.

Only problem is it doesn't work for guys over 30 which in reality could be a good thing for them.

I never made it past 21 myself.

Seen it? Did you read the book, man? Far out!

We could use a few Sandmen on the D line.

You mean Red 5?

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Why did the CFL owners start with removing the Canadian ratio in negotiations ?

Are they giving up growing the three down game here ?

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I see the ratio and the 3 down game as separate things. The owners most likely cared about the ratio in the old days but then they found out how much money it cost them and they've been trying to get rid of it ever since.

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