CFL Trying to do away with Non Import Rule

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association has refused a ten-year collective bargaining agreement proposed by the CFL that would completely eliminate the Canadian ratio and see no salary cap increases over that span.

The league’s negotiation committee has been led by Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ chief executive officer and minority owner Scott Mitchell and Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ president Wade Miller. Retired linebacker Solomon Elimimian serves as president of the CFLPA, with Brian Ramsay as executive director.

In a memo to all CFLPA members distributed on Thursday night and procured by 3DownNation , the union revealed it had walked away from the bargaining table after the league issued an ultimatum demanding that players travel to training camp even if a strike becomes imminent.

How can it be the CFL without a Canadian ratio
That's almost as bad as them was trying to get rid of the three Downs
I don't blame the Players Association for walking away
We need to protect canadian Jobs in the CFL.
Now I support the naturalized Canadian rule
So guys like Simoni play as a Canadian..
what are everyone think about this ?


If the players miss camp it'll save the owners a lot of money. If the ratio is reduced it will have the same affect. The CBA talks will go down to the wire. I'm expecting the ratio to be reduced but not eliminated. Unfortunately the players are in a bad negotiating situation because their careers are short and they don't make enough money to sit out an entire season.


The league can't afford a player strike after Covid ..
To me I think the players have a strong bargaining position
The CFL barely made it through the pandemic
Can they really afford to piss off the players
The salary cap needs to go up and the racial needs to stay as is or be increase
The league is also competing against two new League stateside
That play the rookie players at a better weight scale in the CFL does


100 % with the players. Canadian ratio is part of our league as is the three downs rule. What could be interesting would be a grandfather clause for foreign players satuing with the same team for something like three seasons in a row, but then again, the ratio of seven canadian players has to stay.


CFL gave a lot of players big contracts in free agency this year. They are going to want to get that money. Randy Ambrosie likes to talk about how the players are their partners but then they turned around and offered them 10 years with basically no raise in the salary cap. At the end of the day the CFL only cares about how much money they can earn off the backs of the players. Then they can afford to fly south in the winter and play golf or do whatever they like to do.


Doesn't mean that no Canadians would be playing. It means that to make a team, Canadian or American you have to be good enough.
What's wrong with making Canadians compete?
The teams are still Canadian based teams, the employees are Canadian, some coaches are Canadian, teams are owned by Canadians with Canadian fans with Canadian sponsors.
Canadian sports fans love the Jays, Raptors, Leafs - none have a ratio


None of those teams play in the Canadian Football League. Canadian being the operative word


We always held spot for Canadian on Rosters
And the quality of Canadian players has only gotten better
See how many are in the National Football League now
I think it allows players a certain amount of Pride
Knowing you can always come back to Canada once they're done in the states


This is nothing but an opening salvo as a negotiation tactic.

For a similar example, look at how Russia is "negotiating" with Ukraine.

The players begged for retention and stability , the League replied with a 10—year proposal. Same with the ratio.

I would wager that the majority of CFL fans would give the League their collective finger and walk away for good.

The (possible) three members on this site that support that will be the only ones in the stands.


Owners hold all the power here, in the end there will be a comprimise with ownership getting 75% of what they want and players 25%.

Fact is 90+% of the players if they could would play in the NFL. This is their chance to keep the dream alive playing football for a living.

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This sounds like the CFL "offering" 100% what they want. Like, not even a bone for the players, so they'll eventually come off this position so it looked like they gave something.

The ratio is interesting. I ask, why would the PA even care about the ratio? It doesn't benefit it's members really. Matter of fact, the PA might like getting rid of the ratio just as much as the league. A Canadian gets paid more then an equivalent American based on passport alone, so given majority of players are American, they would probably like no ratio as it would increase their pay. The premium paid to Canadiens could now be divided up amoung rest of the team.

And maybe that's just it, the ratio might just be a red herring to cause division within the union, smart move actually by the league.

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Conspiracy theorist in me says this is part of a longer term plan to eventually merge with one of those upstart leagues like the XFL. They’ve already floated 4 downs out there.

But for sure there will be some compromises made, starting ratio may get whittled one or two players and a 3-4 yr contract eventually settled on.


Randy : "Dunno, we took a lot of heat over the 4 down thing maybe this isnt the the right time for another trial balloon. I mean who needs another distraction, right ?"

Owners: "You like it here, dont you, Randy? Be a shame to throw it all away over a silly misunderstanding".


News flash - all sorts of big pro sports leagues have a ratio for homebrew talent - big league soccer, Japanese Pro baseball, European hockey. None of those leagues hand their actual playing time / personnel decisions/league control over to a clique of Americans with extreme bias towards their fellow American players.

Duped belief in the "good enough" to play fairy tale can't grasp the factor of who gets to decide who gets to play.

I'll say do away with a ratio in the CFL when the vast majority of CFL decision makers are Canadian football people who grew up with the Canadian game and have respect for Canadian talent. AND, when that's been in place for at least a decade. The opposite has been in place in the CFL for decades. Failure to see or grasp this factor is IMO mind-boggling


And the league starts to tap-dance:

" “Canadian players are the lifeblood of the CFL game, along with the veteran American players who make a career here,” the league said in a statement. “That will not change.”

Who knows what the eff to believe? It's labour bargaining.

Who knows, it could be Dunk trying to stir up crap for the clicks.
Or he's listening to that putrid pantload Arash Madani too much...

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Hopefully through all this we retain the International :roll_eyes:

The question is WHY??
Why do you want to see Canadian players?
The ratio has guaranteed that teams will stock up on O-linemen, if they can start 4 or 5 O-linemen and then they only need to start 2 more Canadians.
The Safety is aways a Canadian and there is that one Cdn receiver that may make a couple of receptions a game.
The exception is a Cdn receiver like Sinopoli and the occasional RB like Cornish and Harris
This has been going on for years, coaches struggling to maintain the ratio and then the CFL amends the rules to let Americans that may have a father or grandfather that was Cdn.
The ratio doesn't attract fans to the league, there are no advantages to the ratio. It handicaps coaches, there are not enough good Canadians to maintain the ration in 9 teams.
Every year fewer and fewer Canadians are playing football, high schools dropping their football programs.
The ratio has to go, there are no benefits to it. Looks like the CFL has figured it out.


I would argue that the ratio does at least maintain the fans who love that aspect of the Canadian Game

And the advantage of the ratio is obvious if you happen to have the best Canadian talent

And there is some strategy involved in playing with the ratio. Some of the best Coaches have said so


In case it's not blindingly obvious, it is the CANADIAN Football League.

If all you want to watch are American players, there are at least six different leagues for you to enjoy - XFL, USFL, NCAA, and NFL. Might as well add US high school football too. Then there's the various indoor leagues, that league that has Manziel, etc.

You are like a scratched record - repeating yourself every year. You know what they say about repetition and failure...