CFL Try Outs - A Player Perspective

This is an interesting video put out by Justice Hansen.
He is a Quarterback for Arkansas State(Teammate of Justin McInnis).
He appears to be of interest to the Roughriders(notice Paul Jones in the video).

Warren Wand is an intriguing running back/returner prospect at 5-5 185 pounds.
He deserves a shot with somebody.

Cole Sears(mentioned in above article) confirmation of signing below for Lions.

That’s cool! Thanks for posting this.

The kid from Arkansas State throws a good accurate ball. He played with Justin McInnis and didn’t know anything about the CFL?
Just about every QB from the States who has come up to the CFL could relate to what he was saying from his first experience. Different ball, the waggle & different routes etc.
I thought the CFL and NFL footballs are suppose to be the same size now.

The ball is nearly identical now that it uses the very same pebble surface as the NFL ball. The only difference is the laces, which are standard CFL, and a very minor size difference that makes either ball usable in either the CFL or the NFL.

He may have had old info about the ball.