CFL Trivia


name the last Canadian QB to start a CFL game!


Giulio Caravatta for the Lions in '96

The internet makes trivia pretty much a thing of the past.

I keep thinking that Rick Worman is a canadian, but I cant find any info about it on the internet.

If he is, then I think that would make him the last canadian to be team starter for the season.

The only other thing I found about Worman is he was drafted by the Jacksonville Bulls [USFL] in and around 1986, but chose to sign with the Calgary Stampeders - is he an American; that's the Question?

According to The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia, p.579, Rick Worman was born 10-21-1963 in Mountain View, California.

Thanks rpaege

Mathieu Bertrand was a Canadian QB, although in the CIS, not the CFL. I'd think that counts...after all, he did say Canadian QB, not Canadian pro-football QB...

I would say Caravatta, but also Chris Flynn did play a little bit in Ottawa. He may or may not have had one solitary start, and if he did I can't remember which year, around the same time as Caravatta. my memory fails me.

Before them, it would have been Gerry Dattilio, he had MANY starts for Montreal, backing up Joe Barnes 79 and 80 starting when Barnes was hurt, then taking over full time when Barnes was traded to Sask in mid-80. Eventually ended up in Calgary in 83 or 84 and had a few starts there.

It seems that Greg Vavra may have been the last Canadian to be the official starter for a season, that being 1984 for Calgary.

Bob Torrence became starter in Ham half way through the 93 season.

neither one lasted -or did very well.

Larry Jusdanis started a game for Hamilton in '96 after Dunigan and Calvillo both were injured, but I guess it was earlier than Caravatta.