CFL Trivia - Record for Consecutive Play-off Finals

For those not aware, there is an interesting and amazing record that will unlikely never be reached.

It is the record for consecutive Finals.

It is the Sask RR - 11 in a row. ( 66 - 76 )

Even the mighty EE dynasty did not achieve that. - 10 in a row ( 73 - 82 )

Now you could put an * beside the record.
The SRR did that in the era where the West Final was a best 2/3.
There were times when the Riders lost game 1, which in this era would have eliminated them .

Anyway , regardless of the format , it is an amazing accomplishment.
What is more amazing is that in those 11 years, they only won 1 GC.

Ron Lancaster smoked 2 packs a day and even smoked during games.
. He gave this league a sense of class and legitimacy rarely seen since his retirement ,and retired head and shoulders above any other quarterback that had ever played in any league ,when it came to passing yards..
He is possibly the best colour commenter that has ever graced a football telacast in the he CFL,NFL, or NCAA.
However, despite all of his positive contributions to the CFL, he also has thrown more interceptions than anyone ever. He was also a huge choke artist like Payton Manning, when the big game was on the line.

What is even more amazing and incredible about that record is the fact that the Riders went from 11 consecutive West final appearances in a row (66-76)to missing the play-offs for the next 11 consecutive years (77-87). Talk about going from one extreme to the other, ironically 2 yrs later in "89" the Riders(9-9) came from nowhere to upset both the 2nd place Stamps and the 1rst place Eskimos who had finished up the best regular season (16-2)in CFL history. The Riders then of course as we all know finished the dream season by defeating the (12-6) Cats 43-40 to capture only their 2nd Cup in the teams history.

Just for the record the Riders from 66-76 went on to play and represent the West in the Cup 5 times but only won in their first appearance in '66' to capture their 1rst Cup in team history. The Riders lost the Cup on their other 4 occasions (67,69,72,76)in that 11 year run . Twice against Ottawa (69,76)and twice to the Cats(67,72).

..... And in typical Rider fashion only managed 1 Championship out of that ! :smiley:

1 win in 5 could have had something to do with the play-off format.
As noted the West final was best 2/3. While the East was 2 game total points. ( 72 started with the West with 1 game final )
Regular season was set that the West played 16 games and the East played 14.
By the time the GC was played the West champ had played 3 more games than the East Champ. ( Up to 1971 )

Calgary and Sask would be banged up pretty bad compared to the East guys.

Also to be considered was the fact that BC and Winnipeg were in the midst of some VERY dry spells during those ten years. In fact, between the two teams you can count all of 3 winning records (seasons) out of 20...that's right, THREE!

Calgary didn't offer much competition either...they had five winning seasons between '66 and '76 so that's 8 out of 30 seasons between 60% of the division were above .500....not much to get in the Riders way.

Interesting bit of trivia. :thup:

"The SRR did that in the era where the West Final was a best 2/3.
There were times when the Riders lost game 1, which in this era would have eliminated them ."

It would be interesting to know how many finals they played in having lost the first game.

it wasn't that Lancaster choked, it was they hethey depending too much on Reed on key plays. Like inside the 10, everyone in the world, including unborn babies, knew that it was gonna be reed up the middle on first down, reed up the middle on second down, reed up the middle on third down. Used to frustrate the hell out of me when they kept doing that. Don't think that would happen today.

Je crois que cette judicieuse comparaison illustre très bien la difficulté de remplacer un quart de la qualité de Ron Lancaster, qui s'est autant consacré à son équipe. Cela illustre également tout l'impact qu'un tel quart peut avoir sur son équipe.

Cela illustre également qu'il suffit plus qu'un quart d'exception pour gagner la Coupe Grey à répétition, et que les scénarios que nous voyons aujourd'hui où les équipes dominantes peinent à accumuler les Coupe Grey ne sont pas que l'apanage de notre époque de plafond salarial. Disons seulement qu'à une certaine époque sans ce plafond, il existait une relative parité dans les moyens des équipes. Cette parité disparue, il a fallu l'imposer et ceci a amené ce bienvenu retour des choses.

Good question. The Riders lost the first game in the years 67 - 68 - 70 - 71.
In 66 and 69 the Riders won both games , so did not need to play a 3rd game.

Which is why he’s far from the best QB ever in the CFL

No worries, the Riders returned the favour from 77 to 87