CFL Triva Time

I am going to bring back an old Game
The CFL Triva Contest..

Here is our 1st Question

5 Quaterback share the Record for most TD in 1 Playoff Game
3 of the 5 Quaterbacks Are Ticats
Name Them?

Bonus Question A: How many TD Pass Did they Throw
Bonus Question B: What Years did the do it.
Bonus Question C: Name the other Quaterbacks

Questions Answerd by JerkFaceLoser

I give the Answer Tomorow at 9:45 PM EST

5 TD passes

Tony C Ham.
Bernie Faloney Ham. 61
Ken Hobart Ham. 85

Ron Lancaster 63


Joe Zuger was one I think...or maybe that was a regular season game....

It wasn't Bob Torrance was it?


But seriously, I have no clue so I will take a guess at one of them. How about Tom Clements?

  • paul

Sorry Tom did't make this list..

Nope Joe is not one of them

Joe holds the record of 8 td passes in a game but it was regular season.
Imagine 8 in a game instead of a season?
Zuger was booed here too sometimes....

Man your Good
Your Still Missing the Year and
Full Name of 1st Hamilton Quaterback
Your Also Missing the other Quaterback who Did it.

The Rest is Right

See Below for Question#2

5 TDs:
The 3 Ticats are:
Tony Curcillo (1956)
Bernie Faloney (1961)
Ken Hobart (1985)
The others:
Ron Lancaster Saskatchewan (1963)
Danny Barrett Calgary (1991)

Nice Job you got it :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Okay Question 2:

What Year did Hamilton Alerts,win their first Grey Cup for Hamilton?

Bonus Question A: Name the two People who Merged the Hamilton Tigers and Hamilton Wild Cats to Form the Tigercats?

Bonus Question B:Name the Coach and GM of 1st Hamilton Tigercats?

Bonus Question C:what years did he Coach?

If no one Answers the Triva
I will post Answer after the Ticat Game tonight

Question 2: 1912
Bonus QUestion A: Ralph Cooper and Frank Gibson
Bonus Qusetion B: Carl Voyles
Bonus Question C: 1950 - 1955

Nice Work Cattmann :thup: :rockin:

Question 3: Where are Following Players Born

a:Marwan Hage #62
b: Julian Radlein#33
c:Jamacia Jackson #6
d:Eric Ince #57
e:Timmy Chang #7

A. Beiruit, Lebanon
B. Jamaica
c. ?
D. ?
E. Hawaii

Nice work 3 down 2 to go

Jackson: Sumter, S.C.
Ince: Vancouver B.C.

That is them all .. Great work Ticat fans

Any else got some Questions..
Go for it..