CFL Triple Crown – Brandon Banks

Brandon Banks is on the cusp of achieving the Triple Crown of receiving:receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.

Only a handful of the elite have ever achieved this status. Does anyone know the history of the Triple Crown for receiving in the CFL?

In the NFL, the last Triple Crown went to the legendary Steve Smith of the Panthers back in 2005.

He’s got it pretty much locked down unless Burnham has a career night

Well for number of receptions it is locked. But Burnham is only 149 yards back and 3 TDs. Certainly attainable. If Banks played final game the triple crown would be guaranteed but not worth the risk of injury.

Didn’t Secretariat win this once?

If EDM manages to beat Sask today, Calgary will be playing for first place. Would be interesting to see if Calgary changes their approach if Sask wins today.

Yeah, but I think Banks would beat Secretariat in a race. ;D

I think Stamps still have to beat BC to get a home playoff game since Winnipeg won the season series with them and hold the tie-breaker.

I guess it all depends on tonight.

Calgary is still playing for a home playoff game even if the Riders win since the BBs have the season series against them. They need to win to stay in second place ahead of the Bombers.

Since they’re playing against the Stamps - who have plenty of motivation to win - AND playing with O’Brien at the helm, I don’t think Burnham will have a career night and earn enough yards, TDs whatever - to overcome Banks.

Things are looking good for Banks based on the status of the Calgary - BC game. 30 minutes to go.

This is official isn’t it?

Congratulations Speedy.

1 2019 BANKS, Brandon HAM 16 112 158 1550 657 13.8 60 13 10
2 2019 BURNHAM, Bryan BC 17 100 146 1492 392 14.9 56 11 14
3 2019 BEGELTON, Reginald CGY 17 102 144 1444 519 14.2 76 10 6

Crowned. Congrats Brandon! Epic achievement.