CFL Trend Doktor: Week 5

CFL Trend Doktor: Week Five

Thursday 07/21 Edmonton @ Ottawa:
All 7 meetings went over, avg. 65.6 points per game.
Edmonton wk 5 @L9Y 4-0 SU & ATS;
Ottawa wk 5 HL3Y 2 overs, 1 under, avg. 55.7 points per game.
Ottawa has never covered 4 consecutive games.
Ottawa after allowing less than 20 points, 1-4 SU, 2-3 ATS

Friday 07/22 Montreal @ Winnipeg:
Montreal has won and covered L4 meetings, outscoring Winnipeg 40.8-21.00.
Montreal has played 4 straight overs.
Winnipeg, thru 4 games this year, has averaged 12.5 points per game (1 over, 3 unders).
Winnipeg, after playing 3 straight unders L9Y, no overs, 5 unders, in gm 4.

Saturday 07/23 BC @ Hamilton:
L4 meetings @ Hamilton went under.
BC L17G has been favored in 15 (5-9-1 ATS).
Hamilton has played 5 straight unders, averaging 42.8 points per game.
Hamilton HL19 6 overs, 13 unders.
Hamilton wk 4 HL9Y, 1 over, 3 unders, avg. 43.3 points per game.

Saturday 07/23 Saskatchewan @ Calgary:
Riders have covered L12/13 games.
Riders 3-0 SU & ATS L3 meetings @ Calgary.
Saskatchewan wk 5 @L9Y 0-5 SU & ATS.

Remember, The Trend Doktor does not prescribe making a wager based on a single trend.

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Buddy, you could probably get some people interested in this stuff would you present the data in a comprehensible format.

The way you post it every week, its a thread for connoisseurs only, and it appears none of us are. No wonder no one ever replies.

Words and phrases tend to do a better job with newbies such as us. When I look at your letters and numbers, I have no clue what conclusion I should get to whatsoever. And anyways, I’m too lazy to try and decypher it. Maybe I’m not alone in this situation.

Nope - you’re not alone, 3/10. :slight_smile:

i have explained in an earlier trend dok post.
most of it, even for neophytes, should be easy to understand.
if want i can find the earlier posting and post again, but if anyone has any specific questions regarding Trend Doktor, i am happy to respond.