Well in answer to my own question, believe it or not, he's the QB coach at Howard University:

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Pourquoi pas? Les meilleurs joueurs ont rarement été les meilleurs entraîneurs.

Les qualités pour enseigner et celles pour jouer ne sont pas les mêmes. On n'a qu'à regarder le travail que Marcus Brady a accompli comme entraîneur pour en voir une belle illustration. On pourrait dire la même chose de Trestman et Milanovitch.

Après tout, même si son nom est un sacrilège pour nous, on ne lui souhaite que du bien.

Bien dit.

Ted was a sign post with the Als. AC was 27, there wasn't a QB out there who wanted to come to Montreal and he probably came cheap. He never cost us a game either :slight_smile:

What about the 2004 division final when Calvillo got injured and we proceeded to lose to Toronto because the only strikes White threw were to Argonaut DBs? We went 14-4 that season, the best record in the league, and should have been in the Grey Cup game.

Weren't we losing that game when he came in ?

Not sure, can't remember now, but we were losing the 2009 Grey Cup until the fourth quarter and look how that turned out. :wink:

I should backtrack, though, because you're right: White didn't cost us the game. He just didn't do anything to help us either.

and I remember "the don" attempting to get free agent marcus crandell to come to the als!! thanx for not coming!!

I remember that final game. The Als got near a full house at the Big Owe but the game was a stinker. AC was injured and White was most horrific. Other teammates were also below par. This was the most horrible game in the history of the Montreal Als. Although the team lost in a most pathetic manner to Toronto, the next week the Als played in a playoff game amd the attendance was quite small perhaps in the 20 000 range. They lost the game which was a mercy killing by the other team. The small crowd bood the Als passionately- especially Ted White who threw several interceptions. This was by far the worst QB game that I have ever wittnessed. Why Matthews kept TW around for this second season was beyond reason. The management, for several years, brought very inadequate QBs behind AC. Instead of TW who, by that time had demonstrated his complete lack of QB skills, I think the team should have reached out to whoever happened to be the McGill QB at that time- they would have had a better game.

sorry I believed your very confused!! the game A.C. was hurt and white took over was the eastern final in '04 that toronto won!! and went on to win the GC over B.C. in ottawa!! I guess you haven't been around als football long!! but let me assure you that wasn't the all-time stinker!! there were stinkers in the '50's & 60's & '70's & '80's trust me that made that game seem as a day at the beach!!

Back it up with facts and names. How dare you question others and their knowledge of Als history? And everyone on this board knows about Sandy Stephens! Move on, nothing to see here.

"move on nothing to see here"! carroll williams!! remember the als band that sat on the north side to the right, near the end zone? I remember leaving late in the 4th quarter with the score tabbies 49 and montreal just scoring a TD to make it 49 to 7 and walking down past mcconnell arena and hearing the band start playing HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!! now that was a BAD game!!!