No transactions for Alouettes for this month
could someone explain this????
For several months now I've noticed players names from last year - who are no longer on teams or who are not free agents -appearing on the CFL players page. Is this just an oversight that should be updated and corrected??

That is how Jim Popp works/proceeds, during the off-season; while all additions to the roster are included in the CFL transactions,deletions/ releases are not. It has been this/his way for years and years. If you want to know who has been released,you have to go to the Als site and look at/compare the Als off-season roster,in order to see if players have been released/deleted from the roster. I do this-look at the Als roster-no less than 10 times a day,in order to be as informed as possible. I always have a print copy of the latest roster and I compare with the one listed on the site,when I "visit". I expect deletions soon.

It would be easier,for the fans, if Jim Popp would tell us,include the releases in/with the CFL transactions. Once training camp begins, the deletions/releases will be included in the CFL transactions.


Richard, you are doing some greal accounting work. Richard, on one of your posts you mentioned that the Als have " territorial choices". Will you update me on this. Who are the territorial choices the Als have. Back when I was a youngster each CFL team was allowed to sign two territorial choices. Since the Alouettes were essentially an english team in those years and, the french speaking young men were not into football at that time, the Als territioral choices were few and far between. Therefore, the Alouettes were provided with territorial choices from ontario and, the Windsor area was the grooming ground for Montreals territorial choices.

Back in those years the Habs were granted one or two first round choices from the Province of Quebec. The result was that the Habs were able to win a long string of Stanley Cups.

I don't know exactly, but for at least the past three to four years, CFL teams are allowed to sign -after the draft- 2 players that were eligible for the draft. Basically,teams sign players from their regions.Usually, these players don't last too long in training camp.

So far,Winnipeg has signed John Surla,LB from Wetern and Sask. has signedPeter Thiel,LB from Sask.


don't hold me to this but I read an article within the last week or 10 days that explained this whole process perfectly. it surprised me as it was quite the process. I believe it was on CFL.CA.

The attached article somewhat explains the process of the 2 extra picks after the draft.

Teams don`t have to pick from their area, but some do to create local interest I guess.

It seems so complicated, why not just extend the draft 2 rounds?

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

I believe the zekster had a story last year that popp doesn't release the names of his choices or who gets released at rookie TC. who knows? and why?

This reminds me of Terry Evanshen coming out of Darcy McGee high school ,where he was a good local talent, and joining an Als training camp back in the early 60's. The team sent his to the USA for exposure to a minor pro league. He returned and, made the team the next year and, had a super pro career.

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Les Argonauts ont ajouté 2 quarts-arrières à leur alignement. Il faut croire qu'ils vont travailler très fort pour améliorer cette position.

Pourrait pas etre pire


als rule: Who is Willie. Terry Evanshen did some remarkable feats in Calgary but, he did return to the Alouettes to take part in the Als capture of the Grey Cup in 1970. Sometime thereafter he suffered a serious automobile accident that erased a good part of his memory- a book was published by the late Joan Callwood which detaled this occurrence and the measures Terry underwent in his rehab. If interested this book can be attained through the library loan systen of south ontario.

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