CFL traditions

I got my Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL traditions DVD in the mail the other day and I watched it and it was awesome! I now have a better understanding for the teams history. (this topic is abou diccussing the program).

I like the old jersies but last seasons are by far the best the club has had, but if anyone knows of a website that shows all the BB's jerseys and the jerseys of the other teams, I'd appeshate it! :wink:

I noticed in one clip, there has a kick convent that look like a rubgy convent! :shock: that was cool! 8) and it somewhat looked like a kickoff too. :? Does anyone know what I'm talking abou?

i think the blue-bombers jerseys were better last year as well.

they look to NFL this year...the only jerseys im not liking are BCs pure-orange home jersey. but its STILL better than last-years all black and white

THANK YOU! :smiley: I fuck ing hate the "new" Winnipeg home jerseys!!!

I guess that Winnipeg was pissed that the Rams copied there away jerseys in 2000, so they decided to copy their home jerseys this year and it has totally backfired on them!

you are my new best friend! :wink:

The "new" Blue W logo on the helmets is cool, but I liked the white logo better cuz I'm a liitle bit of a tradisionalist.

CBC archives might have it, but it's a cool site anyway for vintage CFL games and Canadian sports history.

Thanks, mate!

What you may have seen is the extremely rare dropkick. Did he bounce the ball on the ground before kicking? It counts as a field goal if converted. I've never seen one in my life (except for when I watched National Provincial Championship Rugby).

Doug Flutie use to practise the drop kick all the time. Unfortunately
never had the opportunity to use it.

I found a cool site regarding old logos (not jersey's sorry Kanga) from just about any sport and any league u can think of, and they go back quite a few years. the site is

Check out The Longest Yard, the original version, pretty sure they did a drop kick.

TRADITION...... I Remember a time... when the game ended everyone just walked off the field, the victors Gloating and the Losers steaming, there wasnt any of this Hugging & kissing going on between opposing players.
Anyway my point is I think the Rivalries were much more heated in those days and the players & teams truly disliked each other. Just my 2 cents

I love those DVDS............and again REEBOK is doing both the CFL and NFL uniforms this year.

The 2004 GREY CUP DVD , is great as well. :smiley:

Na, there was a guy holding the ball for him and there were players form (I guess) the other team coming at him for the goal line.

Thanks, Geo, that's a really cool website! 8)

I agree!!!!!!!!!!! thanks , geo!!!!!!!!!!!

No problem! I look stuff like this up all the time.

You find things that even us CANUCKS can't find.

There is also another thing that I found intreresting, that in the olden days, a incomelte pass was ruled a fumble!!!! THAT'S COOL! but I wouldn't want that rule today.

I thought that it was neat.........that they used car lights to light the field for games that went into darkness..........and the story of how Americans joined the CFL..........The history of the CFL in all versions of TRADTIONS is worth the price of the DVD alone.