CFL Traditions Video

Has anyone heard about this documentary?
Never knew about it until today, very well done and very interesting.
There were some great stories about the game in the early days...
It's a bit like the one about hockey; a people's history.
I think it's worth while watching!

It came out on dvd in 2004, and palyed a lot on TSN . I have the bc lions version a great collectors item.

I'd love to get a complete set of this series. The stuff on youtube is really low quality.

I have the whole set it's fantastic.

I got the whole set (9 dvds) for under $40.00 CDN on eBay. The extras on the disks are good, the quality is excellent. The only annoying thing is they put the same basic CFL doc on each team dvd. I guess they did not think they'd sell as many sets as they would individual team dvd's. I wish they'd add ones for the US teams (they did play and some of their stories are interesting).

I got them at Zellers last year.

SKU: 624262709992

Good luck.