CFL Traditions DVD

So I got the Ottawa Traditions DVD for Christmas, man I loved it...seeing what football was like a long time ago is priceless.
Great comments by all sorts of old-timers, what a history we have..
I cant wait to have football back in our Capital.
I even bought a few old-school RR Jerseys off e-bay.
P.s Tony do you have any pic's of you with the afro and pick??? must of looked pretty pimpin!

I just have to get an Alouettes one to complete my set.

I haven't seen all the other ones, but that one at least is great. Russ Jackson is a great speaker. He could sit there and read the phone book and still make it interesting.

Conredge Holloway's story about contract negotiations with Frank Clair is hilarious too. Trying to convince him that colourful Canadian money is better than plain green American money. Lol...

Someone got me a Rough Riders jacket from (I think) the 70's just before Christmas. I have that thing draped over my computer chair at home and it's going to be handled with care.

One other thing I got from my brothers friend is an actual J5V game-ball from 1988.
Was signed by all the players at one point but he played with it and a lot of the signatures are gone :frowning:
Still pretty cool though.

I just saw a couple copies of that in a bargain bin here in Edmonton the other day.

Why does the CFL store not sell them in a nice little box set. Maybe I'm on to something here wink wink.

They used to - one box for the west and one for the east. But I haven't seen them around in a while, so I guess I'm just going to have to buy one by one ...

is ottawa for sure back in 09

No. In fact, I'd say 2009 is very unlikely.

but their back in 2010

Where are they going to play? FCS might be totally down by then I think.

Maybe. It depends on how much time it takes for them to rebuild the stadium, assuming they're even allowed to do that. If they're not able to come to some sort of agreement with the city, then the whole thing is null and void.