CFL Traditionial Fight Songs

Other than the Lions, we do not hear these anymore.

The Lions still play it after a TD. The Stamps played it in games in the early 90's.

Do any fans out there know the words to their teams fight song ?

Here is a website that has all the teams songs. ( not argonauts ) there are links on the right hand side of the page.

Click on CFL Fight songs.

I think the best ones are the Lions , Stamps and Eskimos songs.

The rest are ok.

I mention this because I am a fan of Australian Football. When the teams come out they play their team song.

It would be fun to have the CFL teams do the same in their home stadiums. Even both songs during Labour Day.

I am CFL old school.

...haha, when I read the title I thought this thread was about songs to fight to...

We were in Aus a couple of weeks ago, had a look at one of them Aus Rules fields in Sydney. Looks about 200 yards long !! I think Aus Rules was designed to play on a Cricket Oval. They love their sport in Aus, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Aussie Rules, Soccer. Never seen as many joggers either, we did that coastal walk from Circular Quay past the Opera house and out to the Botanic Gardens. Go to the beaches and see the swimming clubs and kids at the life guard school. All schools have Wednesday afternoon sports all kids have to play a sport.
"No worries mate"

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My fellow Stamps fan , I hope you know the words to YE MEN OF CALGARY.

I do...but I sound better with some beer and the scoreboard reading STAMPEDERS 37 ROUGHRIDERS 3