CFL trading deadline on Wednesday, Oct 11 2017 @ 4 PM ET

CFL trading deadline on Wednesday

you can all start talking about the possible trades

I imagine that Collaros ( 500 +k ) and Ted Laurents ( 275 k ) names will be bandied about .

I think it is possible sask or montreal or maybe even toronto would have interest in Collaros.
I don;t think Glenn is that good and is getting too old ..and montreal's qb situation is in a bit of a mess
i am also not sure how many years ray has left or when he plans to retire but right now he is looking good and that he has at least a few good years left

hopefully we are not in a position that we have to cut collaros and then toronto pick him up and pay him backup qb money

Hamilton management is confusing me because if they they thought they had a chance this year they would not have traded Chick and they would have went out and got a decent non import receiver like chambers sooner than they did with fantuz down and they would have replaced chick with a few good de's or at least bring in some nfl cuts to see if we can get a pass rush from the two de spots
we also have mostly rookies at db spots .

Gerbear, what is this love affair that you have with John Chick? Yes, he played very well for the 'Cats last year, but that was last year. This year for the first half of the season he was invisible, providing very little in the way of pressure or sacks. Did you watch any of the first eight games? You cry and cry and cry about the lack of pressure from our defensive ends so I'll ask the question once again. Did you watch John Chick play in the first half of this season? Due to his high salary and little production he was traded and rightly so. Have you watched him play for Edmonton since the trade? Enough about Chick already.

The only team that needs immediate help at QB is MTL, and they're pretty much eliminated already anyway, so there's no pressure on them to make a deal.

If SK or Toronto is interested, it will be with an eye to next year. While SK has yanked Glenn a few times, I'd be shocked if they tried to insert Collaros, who's had a lousy year, with only 5 games left on their schedule.

They can all afford to simply wait to see if Hamilton will release him to shed the cap hit. Nobody will want to take over his current contract and give up assets in a trade.

Is there any chance that Collaros will renegotiate his contract like Banks did last season and come back for less money to try to win his job back? Wishful thinking?

8)I agree with you 100% pope !!
I too am sick of hearing Gerbear still lamenting the loss of Chick ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

8)If you listened to the interview last week with TSN'S, Matthew Scianitti, who is very close with
Collaros, he stated emphatically that Zach will not renegotiate his contract !!!

I will take Scianitti at his word any time !!

I agree. Chick was underperforming and was overpaid. Also tired of hearing about bringing in DEs. Tracy & Capicciotti are playing well, there's no need to bring in anyone else.

Have the Tiger cats requested this of Collaros?

Has this even been discussed between the player and the team?

There is a very important element that is being ignored in this story; Hamilton's management and where they are on this.

And you likely won't from them, as they will try to respect the quarterback's privacy.

Until we know ALL sides of this matter, it's strictly a guessing game.

This weekends games will probably dictate what happens before the deadline next week

If we win in WPG and OTT loses in BC, We could be buyers
If we lose and OTT wins, We could and probably should be sellers

If both teams lose or both win, I think we stand pat.


Well, maybe you're tired of hearing about it. But I personally want to hear an update of Gerbear's thoughts on the departures of Dyakowski, Will Hill, Tyms, Collins Jr., and a few others. It's been several days since his last reminder that he is none too pleased about any of it.

I still Maintain that trading or Cutting Collaros would be a giant step Bakwards.
Give him some Players to play with.
He will get his Allstar status back.

All of these departures have been discussed and dissected.

Not sure what else needs to be said.

Can we change this or roll back the clock?

I believe both Collaros and Laurent are signed through 2018? No pressure to trade either one this year, and both are quality guys. I think we hang on to everyone we can, unless someone comes knocking if they have an urgent need, or are offering quality personnel that will be an assest to us down the road. We don't know at this point which of our potential FAs will decide to test the market, and too early a trade can leave us understaffed again. As of now, I think we have a decent core of players, but need more depth at a few positions, especially nationals.

Otherwise, we go to training camp and see where the chips fall. Make a trade next year if necessary, but why jump the gun unless it is a salary problem?

Collaros is signed thru 2018, but, I believe that Laurent becomes a F/A this Feb. 2018.

From FEB. 2016
Justin Dunk


[ltr]#Ticats deal with big Canadian DL Ted Laurent is for two years. Year one pays him 225k and the second 275k for a 250k average. #CFL #CFLFA[/ltr]

5:26 PM - Feb 9, 2016

Should the Ticats trade Collaros before the deadline?

Ok guys I will stop about Chick :)He was an all-star last year and i felt he still had something left but I will side with you guys on this now.

I think our team is slowly coming together with June Jones especially our defensive backfield and run game and overall offensive line play. I feel we are not getting enough pressure from our DE's that's just my current opinion especially after watching Ray disect us late in the game with no pressure on him.

The question asked is " will Collaros " get traded ? Well it seems right now that June Jones is calling the shots and since his buddy was hired as qb coach it appears they plan to keep June Jones next year . June Jones doesn't like switching qb's and seems satisfied with and likes Masoli. I think June Jones thinks Masoli will get better as he learns the offence better and utilizes his new weapons in Fantuz and Alex Green and possibly Quinn.

I know Sask has alot of interest in Collaros and Glenn is getting older and not really the guy to lead you to the Grey Cup . My gut feeling says he will be traded to SASK before the deadline as why would the ticats want to play Collaros this year and next when June Jones seems set on Masoli for the foreseeable future. Montreal is another team very much like SASK that they don't really have a good qb at this time so they could be interested too . Should be interesting to see how this plays out and what impact the potential signing of Johnny Football has on this.

If I was running the team I'd like to see how Zac could perform under this new and improved offence and then make decisions from there . I can't see him going to the Argos as it seems like Ray is still at the top of his game and they can't afford Collaros salary as a backup this year and next . If the Ticats want to trade him and cannot and choose to release him then I can see the Argos selling him on being their QB of the future and pay him well as a backup

I thank all that I hold dear that you are NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I know Sask has alot of interest in Collaros"

And how do you KNOW?

Crystal ball....a deck of fortune telling cards!!??

Can you telepathically read into Chris Jones' mind??

If so, can you give me the winning lottery numbers for the next 6/49 draw??

"Well it seems right now that June Jones is calling the shots"

And since June Jones is the HEAD coach that would be logical and within his general job description.

So what's your point??