CFL Trading Cards

I’M A new poster here and i was wondering if anyone has some CFL 2003 or 2004 trading cards they might be able to spare me, like maybe a few card from one of those years, dose anyone?

Never heard that there is such thing as CFL trading cards

havnt heard of them pal... where did you hear of them?

they do make them they made a 2003 110 card set by pacific! online and on ebay!

wow. they dont make any 2005 cards right
do you have any cards? how many?

Don't know about 2003 or 2004 cards. But I have in my greasy little hand as we speak, a box of 110 Cards made by a company called "All World" from the year 1991 when "Rocket Ismail" palyed for Toronto.

Sorry....I'm not parting with any of the cards, but if you want the company's address to see if they still are under contract to make CFL cards, here it is.

2903 Saturn, ste. G
Brea, CA 92621 U.S.A.

i have a 1991 set too the same one you have i baught the set for $5.00 dollers at a card shop about 2 weeks ago!

hey have you guys ever played or heard of a board game called CFL Armchair Football?

Made in 1985 by a company call Betzold Games Inc.

Not me....but that isn't saying much. Up until yesterday, I never knew that you could return a missed field goal in the NFL.............AND I'M AMERICAN!

Pacific Trading Cards produced CFL trading cards for 2003, 2004, and I think 2002, as well. I remember one year they had special insert cards where they included swatches of a player's jersey in that player's card. I haven't heard anything about a 2005 set being produced tho.

I also remember All-World producing a set in 1992 that I have the majority of.

I have both the '91Jogo set (220 cards) and the '91 AW sports set (110 cards)...

mongo118 1 5 do you have any of the 2003 or 2004 cards? maybe i could get a couple from you?

What ones are you looking for specifically CFL FAN??

nealon greene
dave dickenson
anthony calvillio
corey holmes
ricky ray
spergon wynn
basicly every starting Qb for each team maybe both if theirs both
and corey holmes
anyone have?

The only 2003/2004 cards I have is the basic Argo set from 2004. I can part with the Marcus Brady, Michael Jenkins, and Derrell Mitchell cards since they didn't factor into the eventual Grey Cup roster.

are their any others? could you part with a nealon greene a corey holmes
or spergon wynn? or any others?

do you have any players other then the ones you listed i could have?
herny burris maybe?
any QBs? and could you part with a corey holmes?

Sorry, CFL FAN. That 2004 Argo set was the only one I got (got it through the Argos' team store last season). Have you tried any of the card stores in your area? (Unless you're a fan from south of the 49th, then ya got a problem)

i believe he said he only has the argo set... those players you list do not play for the argos

Not anymore they don't, Chronicguy, but they were with the team in 2003; hence why they got thrown into the 2004 set.