CFL Trades

The Alouettes acquired veteran Fred Stamps from the Edmonton Eskimos for receiver Kenny Stafford.

The Calgary Stampeders have traded WR Maurice Price to the Ottawa Redblacks for LB Jasper Simmons and WR Dan Buckner.

Stamps had alligator arms last year.

Calgary must have cap issues.

Hmm. . . Edmonton and Montreal make a trade, but it has something to do with Calgary's cap issues? How's that work?

Please ignore my post; i see now the reference to Calgary's cap issues relates to the Calgary/Ottawa trade, and not the Montreal/Edmonton trade. Apologies for being obtuse.

I guess the 3 yr/$600K offer that SJ Green turned down went to Stamps

Both trades are about vets who are good players but whose seasons didn't justify their salaries. Rather than their teams just releasing them, they got something for them on the market. Trades like this are really hard to evaluate without knowing the contract details. But they look to me like good trades for all concerned, although I think Calgary made out especially well. Montreal is gambling that they get a 2012 or 2013 performance out of Stamps, not a 2014 one.

David William Naylor ?@TSNDaveNaylor 2h2 hours ago
Argos swap LB Shea Emry to Sask for DE Ricky Foley

So the question is, who does Banshee despise more?