CFL Trade Deadline

it would be alarming if any team did not have room to one a PR player/low contract at this point…you are talking 3 grand territory

Possible QB’s that might just be available and on the move on deadline day if a team is looking to add some depth heading into the play-offs . You would have to think that with Nichols being done for the year that at least one or possibly more off this list might just wind up in the Peg as backup to Streveler and possibly another heading to Edmonton depending on the status of Trevor Harris for the rest of the season .

Montreal : Antonio Pipken
Ottawa : Jonathon Jennings , Dom Davis
Toronto : James Franklin , McLeod Bethel-Thompson , Dakota Prukop
B.Columbia : Danny O’Brien
Calgary : Montell Cozart
Free Agent : Brandon Bridge

Entirely possible that the Bombers up their previous offer to Kevin Glenn as well. IIRC, he turned them down before because the offer wasn’t high enough. Now, with Nicholls’ salary no longer counting against the cap, they may have enough to sweeten the deal.

great point

Wow and let’s see if they play this smart and pay up versus the other alternatives. If Glenn checks out physically, well I have no doubt he has the playoff mentality down unlike all those alternatives beyond all their flaws.

Yes I agree. With Nichols down for season on IR. There is $$$ available.
The Bombers had/Have other options that could have pursued.
They just have only been interested in Kevin Glen tho.

Interesting that not Brandon Bridge’s name has not been mentioned as a QB of interested from any team.
To be the Back Up For the backups who are now starting.
Both the Riders & Winnipeg have reached out to Kevin Glenn more than once for this role.
The only other name that has come up recently is s trade for James Franklin.

On James Franklin consider the potential next solid QB we saw at hand when a backup at Edmonton years ago.

What happened? Was it simply a guy who could not execute at the highest level and will be a perennial backup?

Thinking openly and in general, might his next move be his last shot at what was seen as his next level years ago? Will a certain coach make the difference especially if a coach with heavy experience coaching offense and quarterbacks?

Speaks VOLUMES about the lack of respect for/interest in BB.

Interesting to see how things shake down.

Would have to be Bethel-Thompson or perhaps Callaros IMO. I see zero chance they take on Franklin after last week’s ‘showcase’.

I don’t care much what we get back at this stage. Granted if the Bombers are desparate enough to cough up a first rounder, it will balance out from 3 years ago:)

It’s hard to believe that old Three Names aka MBT who is the QB on the worst team in the league has actually thrown the most TD passes of any QB still standing this year . It speaks volumes as to how many QB’s have gone down to injury this season that a guy on a 2 win team is unbelievably leading the pack in that category . :o

In fact, the three combined QB’s as a package on my team should be a worthless commodity in the trade market.

BBs need a QB who can suit up now … so Collaros is not in the mix.

Yes. Its not about having a
QB to come into Winnipeg to take Strevelers Job away.
He is the GUY 100%. With Nichols out for the season.
Its about a backup for Nichols.
If he should get injured during a game and possibly miss a game. The Bombers do not have a backup QB that has even played a down in the CFL or any pro football league period!
Unlike Steveler , Farjardo in Sask. Who came in for starters that went down for the season.
They both have CFL playing experience.
Both the Bombers & Riders have a slew of talented platers on offense & Very good to great defenses.
No QB either of these teams bring in will lead them to a GC if Strevler or Farjardo go down for the season in the next few weeks and into the playoffs.
Thats a reality.

Today is the TDL !

Bethel-Thompson might help the bombers.

Perhaps being behind an Oline like the bombers with Harris and Winnipegs receivers, he might do ok if needed.

Open Questions

  1. How excited is Rod Black for a trade for MBT?! He’s the only one that excited if excited at all.

  2. So will James Franklin be traded? And following my previous comment on this thread, if so is this his last chance in the CFL? And if not, well will this be it for him?

It is tomorrow and ends at 3:59 PM EST