CFL Trade Deadline

the trade deadline is coming in 2 week (October 8th). Who could be traded in the next 2 week ? I think Montreal will be on the market for help on D-Line, is there any D-Line that could be available ?

Speculation that starting Franklin this week is to showcase to see if he has any 'rental' value down the stretch

Much also depends on if any QB goes down between now and then. Hamilton perhaps giving a bit of depth?Otherwise, can't see much of a return.

It’s this tweet that inspired me that post :stuck_out_tongue:

Buyers : Calgary , Hamilton , Winnipeg , Saskatchewan , Montreal .

Sellers : Ottawa , B.C. , Toronto , Edmonton .

Needs :

Calgary - receivers , linebacking .
Hamilton - running back , backup depth at quarterback , depth at Cdn receiver .
Winnipeg - db’s , depth at quarterback .
Saskatchewan - depth at db , possible OL , DT , p/k returner .
Montreal - D-Line , p/k returner , depth at quarterback .

Is TSN going to do a Trade Deadline show?

Maybe a five minute preview on Sports Centre the night before

Anybody else catch the humour hidden in plain sight in James Franklin’s Twitter handle? You have to go back to a film from 2003 that was somewhat of a classic comedy in the prior decade though now is outdated already go figure.

I don’t think Edmonton is going to be selling. They will make the playoffs as the crossover team.

Well it’s hard to say really as to what they might do . They are it seems caught in the middle on an island all alone at the moment , kinda like in some sort of Twilight Zone . They certainly don’t seem to be considered amongst the likes of the Stamps ,Riders or Bombers as contenders in the West . On the other end of the scale they still seem to have a comfortable cushion ahead of the cellar dwelling Lions . So yes I certainly agree that unless something drastic happens it would appear that they are locked into being the crossover team and destined for a fourth place finish in the division .

So saying all that it does seems like they could be one or the other . Maybe even perhaps a bit of both on that day , buyers and/or sellers .

Don’t see them “selling off” just for whatever future assets they can scratch out … but they might exploit their sudden depth on the DL, especially DT, to get current help or VERY GOOD future assets.

As ive said on several threads Stefan Charles is still sitting on the Esks PR. As a Canadian he is THE ideal pickup for a need for DL help.
The Als should jump on him while he is on the PR. No conpensation needed.

I would think Montreal is in reasonable shape for QB depth. Pipkin is respectable, though not overly experienced.

Bombers don’t need a QB with Nichols returning

Riders have Zack Evans returning at DT. LaBatte is dressing this weekend on the OL, and Blake is not far behind him. The moved Christon Jones out because they liked where they were at for returners…so they are not in the market there.

But it can be blocked by the PR team adding the player to their roster … so not quite as easy as it seems and perhaps why it is not very often exploited … limits to success and invites retaliation

I ask for some more information here. As I understand in the NFL all on practice rosters are fair game, but it is a player’s choice. One tactic used by teams like the Patriots is to pay the very top players more than the standard pay for each week on a practice roster so as to stash a very small few who usually are made active.

So in the CFL does the team have a certain time period for right of refusal so as to activate the player and deny the activation by another team?

And does the player on the practice roster have the final say anyway?

Can’t find a good reference source but to my knowledge, once a player signs a practice agreement the team retains the option to keep the player by putting him on active roster … of course that means another plat-yer gets released,

or a hang nail

yup…obviously changes things. Wasn’t announced when I said that

I think The Bombers need a depth move at QB. Starting today. As it was announced that Matt Nichols is done for the season.
Absolutely NOBODY behind Strevler.
& they are battling in a tite race now. They can finish first or 3rd in the west now.

Exactly. If a team makes an offer to a PR player from another team. They have the right of refusal. But they need to sign them to a roster contract.
Said player could be hidden on the IR.
Its to late in the season to put such a player on the 6 game.
So 1 game IR counts to the cap. Do the esks have that kinda space w/o releasing or 6 gaming or demoting to pr.
Its a dominoe affect