CFL Trade Deadline

Today 4pm - 3pm central

Don't expect much - if Edmonton had lost to Montreal last weekend - I suspect they'd be shopping James Franklin (or perhaps Reilly)

Now, not so sure. They're still viable in the race for 3rd in west or crossover.

I suspect a light day in the CFL trade market. Montreal has a couple assets other teams might covet - but Frothing Kavis might be asking arms and legs.

Giguere might show up in Winnipeg - only team that covets mediocre and washed up Canadian WRs. Rod Black will be ecstatic.

Sask'n needs to firm up another Canadian OL - perhaps Winnipeg returns hi-paid backup Padraig Neufeld to the RiderRats.

If Drew Tate is thru for the year I can see Ottawa making a play on Super-Mope Drew Willy, last year's winner of the Eddy Haskell look-a-like contest. On a side note, Eddy Haskell himself came in 2nd.

Have a sinking feeling the guy who's gonna be most active today is none other than John Hufnagel in Calgary!

What do you think Hufnagel will be looking for?

Mo' Depth!

He doesn't like spares and hobos as backups or reserves. He loves guys who are even better than his starters - just brimming with confidence and rip-roarin' to get into the starting lineup.

Unlike sissies like T.J. Thorpe (Wpg.) Huff's reserves wait their turn - and they usually get it (injury, NFL call-backs, weak performances)

...Nic Lewis so he can retire as a stampeder....

...and finish his career on a football team. :wink:

Its a good idea - if Nik is willing to play guard or centre. At 5'9" and perhaps 265 he's more conducive to the trenches. Don't know if Bully Mitchell can throw in slow motion!