CFL Torrents

I am a big CFL fan living overseas and am hungry for any action I can get on video. I just came across a torrent of some highlites of the Saturday games:


Does anyone else know a good source for CFL torrents?

no, i dont but that would be awesome if there was a cfl torrent site. i am actually really surprised to see a riders clip package on mininova , thats awesome. I wish there was a place to dload full games, im sure that there are some floating around out there

Try Searching It In Kazaa, I Found Some Great Clips From There Before.

goto and they have a torrent up of the recent riders/bombers game for those of us who couldn’t watch :slight_smile:

no kazaa , no kazaa, kazaa bad. try BitTorrent if anything. only try torrents no limewire or kazaa