CFL Top Canadian Award Nominees

BC: Why Bother
Calgary: Why Bother
Edmonton: Jerome Messam
Saskatchewan: Why Bother
Winnipeg: Why Bother
Hamilton: Why Bother
Toronto: Why Bother
Montreal: Why Bother

Tough choice as to who the winner might be. :cowboy:

Really? You can't be serious... I'm afraid McCallum gets that nod.

He goes and breaks the consecutive field goal record, and is about to break the record for highest field goal success percentage. Besides, Messam has had some games where he was invisible too.

I actually think Calgary's Cornish will give Messam a huge run. If Cornish had been awarded the starting job earlier in the season he would be hammering Messam in every category! Maybe they won't give him the nod though because he wasn't the starter for the whole season though. And McCallum will probably be the west nomination for ST POY. He has a better chance at that I would say.

Totally serious, in my world, kickers aren't eligible, they have there own award.

Messam takes it anyway, wins the POW 5 out of 17 weeks. No contest.

Maybe, but as the saying goes: "If my aunt had cajones, she'd have been my uncle."

Name Team ATT YDS AVG LONG TDS Fumbles
MESSAM, J EDM 173 964 5.6 51 6 4
CORNISH, J CGY 96 754 7.9 57 6 1

The only stats Messam is leading Cornish in is ATT and yards, and for the amount of touches, his lead on yards should be higher. The fumbles really hurt Messam as well when just looking at stats, yes he has won an award 5 times this year, but I'm sure if Cornish even started 2 games earlier he would be ahead of Messam in every category besides attempts. Cornish is a beast! He scares me a lot more then Messam does when he runs the ball, and that is nothing against Messam, he could be a great star in this league as well, but IMO Cornish the better of the two.

Don't get me wrong Roughride, I am a huge Cornish fan, but using your logic, one could conclude that Coker is Calgary's leading rusher because he leads on average.

1000 yard seasons are the result of grinding it out. A running back who gets lots of touches often has lower averages than one who gets less because defences key on him. Cornish ran under the radar a couple of time because teams were used to keying on Reynolds, as he gets more touches as the feature back, the yards will get tougher.

I would however take Cornish in a heartbeat over any kicker.

Cornish has chance of getting over 1000 yards this year as well. He needs to get two 125 yard games, against two good defenses, but it is still very possible with the way he runs. One good game of around 150 and I think he has it for sure!

One more plus for Cornish is he is leading in receiving yards and TDS as well. If I had the vote for top Canadian in the West it would go:

  1. Cornish
  2. Messam
  3. McCallum
  4. Getzlaf

The problem with Messam is he seems to be really good or really bad and that lack of consistency is why he is far from being a lock to win the Canadian player of the year award.

Bingo! That's the reason Blue Blood

5 POW's nobody else is close. If Cornish gets the POW and passes Messam in total yds, he is a possible. If not, Jerome should get it hands down.

I have a feeling that the only reason you don't want Messam to win is because of the uniform he wears. Just a hunch.

Ok if Messem runs for over 100 yards against BC then I would say he deserves the award if not then give it Cornish.

Good point. Both worthy candidates.
Cory Watson gets the nod for the east imo. He wont win, but he will be an elite receiver next year if you ask me.

No, it's just history that is leaning in my favor. McCallum will get the nod from the west.

The only Esks that should get a nod is JC Sherritt for Rookie

I dunno about that. If Ricky Ray puts together two really good performances in the next couple of games, and Lulay suddenly loses his edge, I could see the MOP nod for the West going to Ray.

They have a special team award kickers can win that, they shouldn't be considered for other awards. No player who is exclusively a kicker has ever won the award and it should stay that way.

Umm, what history? Only one kicker has ever won Most Outstanding Canadian and that was Gerry Organ back in 1973. VoiceofReason is right, no kicker will win that when there are other candidates out there. If there were no 1000-yard Canadians, I would say maybe, but since Messam and Getzlaf will crack the mark, it won't go to McCallum.

As far as the battle between Messam and Cornish goes, the only way I see Cornish winning is if he breaks the 1000-yard rushing mark or if Messam is injured early and out for the season. There has been so much talk about how Messam will become the first 1000-yard Canadian back since Sean Millington that it will sway the voters to vote for him.

I would prefer to look at their total yards from scrimmage:

Name/ Team / Rush Yards / Rec. Yards / Yards Scrimmage / TDs
MESSAM, J EDM 964 207 1,171 6
CORNISH, J CGY 754 358 1,112 8

If Cornish can beat Messam this way, he deserves to win, but I know the voting committee won't see it that way.

weren't you just complaining about the PotW awards supposedly working this way?

Since Cornish has just as many yards as Messam (rushing + receiving), a better average, more TDs, and less playing time ... Cornish from the West.. East is irrelevant but probably Cory Watson.. Cornish and Messam are the two best candidates, whoever gets the West award will get the league award.. could go either way, my theoretical vote goes to Cornish

No I complained about Canadians not getting the consideration they deserve for the Offensive Player of the week. The special teams player is a totally different issue. It is simply my contention that a player who is on the field half a dozen times a game, should not get consideration for the MOP, Top Canadian or Defensive player awards.

I stand corrected on Gerry Organ. Don't know why but he must have played during the early 70's which for some reason there is some significant memory loss.

I am still of the opinion that kickers should not get the award. Opinions are wonderful things, like a certain anatomical part, everyone has one and right or wrong, they are entitled to that opinion.

Mine happens to be right. :cowboy: :twisted: :lol: