CFL Top 10's

Ray spreads the ball around so much,that it wasn't just Tucker and Ray it may have been Ray and Vaughn the next week. With the 10 I listed,there was no mistaking who was getting the ball and who the, go to guy was. Not to take anything away from Tucker. It's kind of like Tommy Scott and Waddell Smith ,both great recievers and because of that ,they didn't become the only go to guy. Between Scott and Smith they have 10 cups.
Talking about being blessed,the Bombers trade Scott to EDM in 1978 and he wins 5 cups in a row.

I agree that Ray spreads the ball around a lot, but you have to admit that when it comes to pressure situations Ray relied on Tucker(and the patented corner route) the most. When I think of the '03 and '05 grey cups the Ray to Tucker connection remains engrained in my mind the most.

'03 Grey Cup - Ray to Tucker for seven receptions 132 yards and 2 TDs. Tucker named game MVP.
'05 Grey Cup - Ray relies on Tucker in the key game-breaking situations. See two-point convert with a minute left in the game, and corner route TD to Tucker in the first overtime.

Even this past season the play of the year in my opinion was Tucker's huge catch against Calgary with like a minute left to win the game.

^ I was going to mention that TD against Calgary. That was a great play.

Top 10 combo in playoff games,they are there for sure.

how about top ten/werst ten commissioners?

I think Jake Gaudaur would be #1, or maybe Sidney Halter. Mark Cohon would have to be near the top of the best. He's done a great job IMHO.

i cant tell of you were being sarcastic or not. im pretty happy with cohan so far. he is understanding of CFL pride here in Canada, and also is tryin to get mroe games on the east coast. was it smith who did american expansion? i think he would be the #1 werst. i would like to see cohan rise the salary cap though.

Top 10 Grey Cups:

1)'89 Saskatchewan beats Hamilton
2)'94 BC beats Baltimore
3)'76 Ottawa beats Saskatchewan
4)'71 Calgary beats Toronto
5)'96 Toronto beats Edmonton
6)'81 Edmonton beats Ottawa
7)'05 Edmonton beats Montreal
8 )'88 Winnipeg beats BC
9)'98 Calgary beats Hamilton
10)'72 Hamilton beats Saskatchewan (probably doesn’t deserve to be there, but felt I had to fit my team in there somewhere)

If I were being sarcastic you would have seen a :wink: or a :roll: or even a :lol:

I agree, Cohon is an outstanding commissioner. The league is stable, the owners actually get along and we're chugging along through this recession (knock on wood).

for top ten grey cups, i would put bc vs balitomore at #1 just because i didnt feel american expansion was handled correctly(nothing against americans i promise. some of my fav football players are americans). good pics though. in 1987 edmotnon played toronto. and i htink this grey cup shoudl get an "honerable mention" it had two back up QB's that became starters, and the game had very few penalties. it was ebtertaining on a different level. if you played it in a place where people had never watched cfl, it wouldnt be tp popular, but to die hard cfl fans, who know the games and the history, its a game that in a way that defines what it means to be a cfl fan.

im glad im not the only one who thinx cohan is good for the league. if he gets ottawa back in and one more team, he wil be the best commissioner in history. even though he's american, when i hear him talk, i feel he knwos what its like to feel like your a part of the cfl as a fan.

Switch 1 and 2 around and you're pretty much bang on. Not that I'm baised or anything... But seriously, winning on the last play of the game? Can't beat that.
I'd move the 2005 game up a bit, that was a lot of fun to watch!

If I'm not mistaken, the '89 Grey Cup was won on the last play of the game (Ridgeway FG). Correct me if I'm wrong, because I might be.

Maybe no, 1 and for sure no. 2 , The 87 ARGO ESKIMO game. I'm a fan of neither team, but that game had it all. Gizmo huge fg return for TD, Danny Barret playing awesome, Allen coming off the bench for an injured Dunigan and sparking the Eskimos. Then punter , turned FG kicker Jerry Kauric kicking a 47 yard FG, with seconds left to win the game. The longest game winning FG to decide a Grey CUP. In 89 , you knew Ridgeway wasn't going to miss a 37 yarder. I know Sandro Kicked a clutch 50 yarder in this years game but it wasn't a do or die kick. Still an awesome big game kick. The kicks in 89 and 98 were the last plays of the game. I was there in 98 , a truly great moment, to see it live.

how about top ten greatest cfl tv people. broad catagory. could be a broadcastor, anylist, ext.

Wallby has to make the list on a purely entertainment level. :lol:

I particularily like his unbiased opinion on teams and players. Adds a nice touch of professionalism to the broadcast. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know WPG fans will lynch me for this, but I disliked Walby immensely as a colour commentator. The way he’d always mispronounce words and try to be like John Madden… just seemed very unprofessional… made the CFL look bush league…heck of a player though that’s for sure… one of the top 10 O-linemen of all time (another list?)… but one of the worst 10 TV guys of all time

Other guys on the top TV list:

  1. Don Wittman… who else?
  2. Chris Cuthbert
  3. Bob Irving
  4. Duane Forde (for pure knowledge and professionalism)
  5. John Wells
  6. Chris Shultz
  7. Leif Petterson
  8. Ron Lancaster
  9. Mark Lee
  10. Matt Dunigan

I’m sure I’m missing people… there has to be other people better then Dunigan… mind you, this is only since I’ve started watching football (mid 80s) there could be others before that…

But what about Bernie Oliver and Pat Marsden?

Walby was a bit rough around the edges,but still is better than Suitor, on his worst day. Suitor will babble on during a crucial point in the game. Usually will continue on about something unimportant, while a 15 yard penalty has just been called. Will not address the penalty or even mention it. Awful ! Give me Joe Galat any day.

Suitor was always extremely biased toward Saskatchewan. I do like him, but not when he's doing a Saskatchewan game.