CFL Top 10 Returns

Gotta love this!! Great start to Christmas.

One reason we prefer the CFL. Not much chance of all this in the NoFunLeague. Thanks for posting.

4 outta top 5!! I love you Speedy B! please don't leave us

I'm sure that Breaux will get his shot in the NFL and wind up somewhere next season,but I don't think it will be as a Bronco,but on the other hand you never know in the crazy world of professional football where anything can happen. Being a Saints fan I wouldn't mind if he wound up in New Orleans because believe me their defense can use all the help it can get. :oops: :cry:

Nice first post Connie :roll: ,I couldn't have said it better myself.........oh wait a minute !!! I did say it myself,word for word as a matter of fact,and even somehow double posted it,just to get my point across. Oh well as the saying goes imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :wink: Welcome to the forum nonetheless,sincerely Bobo 8)