CFL to test Instant Replay friday**

ok, I think I have found the aweser, and it’s no, they don’t.

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Limited use. For one, it is not used in every aspect of the game. Defensive interference? Forget it. It's ironic that a play will be reviewed to see if a receiver’s foot was inbounds, but holding by the cornerback on the same play isn’t called.

And they won’t review a play to see who was holding, hell, I know there’s holding on every play anyway. But they will review tape to see who to assess the unsportsmanlike penalty on for a thrown punch. The absurdity of this isn’t limited to the NFL either.

Just looking outside to the NBA for a moment, they won’t review a play to see if Shaq whipped his elbow around or not when he grabbed a rebound– common sense says yes when you see Divacs on the floor holding a bloody nose. But they’ll sure run over to the scorer’s table to see if Artest left the bench in a brawl. (No replay needed. He always does.)

When he says D interfenrence, no, I assume he is also talking about pass interference.

ok, thanks.

challenges can't be called for pass interference in the nfl.

it’s a judgment call they only review absolute things

but they should have a call for things like that!

cuz scenarios like Ro mentioned would still happen.