CFL to test Instant Replay friday**

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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Montreal Alouettes will give the CFL's new instant replay system a test run on Friday night.

The CFL will use the exhibition game at Canad Inns Stadium to test the system, which, it should be noted, has not yet been approved for use this season.

Bombers head coach Doug Berry is on the fence when it comes to instant replay, but he's willing to give it a try.


"It slows the game down. That part I don't like," said Berry. "I can't say I'm against it, but I'm not real pro-instant replay, either. I believe that officials make the best call, and let's play football. Some are right, some are wrong. We've lived with it for 100 years."

The CFL's instant replay system allows for a team to challenge two officiating decisions per game, but not during the last three minutes of the second half or overtime.

The first challenge is a freebie, meaning a team won't lose a timeout if it loses the appeal. That also means a team can still use its first challenge even if it has burned both its first- and second-half timeouts.

The second challenge is a different story, however, as a team will lose a timeout if it loses the appeal. That also means a team must have a timeout remaining to use its second challenge.

In addition, if a team has used its first-half timeout and its second challenge occurs in the first half and is unsuccessful, it will forfeit its second-half timeout.

Game officials in the press box will send a signal to the referee if they think a call should be challenged in the last three minutes of the second half or overtime.

Only the head coaches can challenge a call, and they will do so by throwing a marker on the field, just as it's done in the NFL. Calls will be reversed only when the referee has indisputable visual evidence that the call should be changed.

Teams will have to bone up on what can and cannot be reviewed, because if the offence calls for a challenge on a play that is not "reviewable," the 20-second clock will not be reset.

Plays that can be reviewed include:

  • possession rulings in the end zone;

  • forward progress with respect to first down or goal-line;

  • passing plays -- complete or incomplete;

  • ball carriers ruled down by contact;

  • fumbles which occur prior to down by contact.

Plays that cannot be reviewed include:

  • proper down;

  • status of the clock;

  • penalty calls and their administration;

  • forward progress not relating to a first down or goal-line;

  • force-outs on pass plays near a sideline;

  • recovery of loose ball in the field of play;

  • field goals.

seems like a good system, I'm glad that they haven't added more time outs and that there is still only one time out in the CFL (although I can see it being just wasted for the heck of it).

Seems that it could be changed if need be, one question that came to my mind is why just the last three minutes of the second half, why not the first?

it also makes a timer on a challenge, if their is going to be one, unnessarry.

overall: A good system, and like all IR systems, it can be changed if need be as it evolves.

I’m A Big Fan Of The Video Review System. But He’s The Really Big Problem That I Found Has Happend In The US, Is Now Refs Wait A Split Second After The Player Is Down To Blow The Wistle In Case There Is A Fumble. So I Hope That The Refs Don’t Use The Video Replay As An Excuse To Not Blow The Wistle.

The Thing That’s Really Cool Is That If The Coaches Get The First Replay Wrong They Don’t Lose A Time Out.

So it’s just like a team has a challenge a game and a timeout/challenge in each half.

Only thing I would want to change is have the last three minutes of the 1st half be like the 2nd half and OT, but I don’t see the need at this point.

I dont see why you cannot challange in the last three minutes of the game of OT.

That is when a wrong call costs the most

I guess cuz the game is different because the clock stops after every play.

but they can challenge a call, if the game officials say it's ok.

i agree with ro here...but i'd like to see the league able to review pass interference plays ( which may have cost the lions a trip to the grey cup last season )

Yeah, I’ll go with that, DG, I’d also like to know if there is going to be a timer on the challenge, which would work either way for me, with or w/o a timer makes no difference.

a 40-60 second timer is good with me...if u cant decide in 40-60 seconds, then the original call should stand.

One key thing to remember about this is that it hasn’t be approved by the league yet, so it might no be in place this season, and they will go back to the drawing board and try it out again next season with a few changes.

But it seems they are heading in the right direction with it IMO.

yeah, I like that too, but unlimited time is ok if it’s like a time out.

KK are you saying that a wrong call on a 50 yard pass is ok because the clock stopped?

DG can you challenge Pass Interference in the NFL?

like I said, Ro, the game officials have to say it’s ok to challenge.

[b]Game officials in the press box will send a signal to the referee if they think a call should be challenged in the last three minutes of the second half or overtime.[/b]

i dont know...u know i dont watch the NFL?

i dont care if the NFL does or doesnt, but i'd like to see it in the CFL in games where it could be THE call to decide a game....obviously, if a game is so far outta reach, with no time left, then why review it?.

I believe that the NFL does have Challenges on the incomplete pass, I think they had one bad call during the last super bowl which was challenge and in one of the greatest controversies about that game, the call stood.

Oh ya I forgot you didnt watch!

Good point pass interference can decide a game

does the NFL review pass interference calls tho?

( i woulda liked the refs to replay that last play of the west finals, when mobely interfered....which COULDA changed the game, and woulda been the right call )

I think they do, I don't have a rule book with me, but I think so, do you want me to check it out?

sure...please...just curious.

i dont see why they wouldnt, in game changing situations....i would hope they and the CFL would....especially if the technology is available to make the right call.

looking for it

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good article, as a CFL fan, you got to love that last line.

I am an advocate of replay, and replay wasn't the problem in this one. The problem is the rulebook. Some of it needs rewriting; hopefully before next season