CFL to take away 2019 bonus $$$ as part of labour fight: union

First shots fired in 2019 Labour negotiations

CFL looking to take away bonus money as part of labour fight: union

By Justin Dunk and Drew Edwards
Posted on December 7, 2017 by 3Down Staff // 4 Comments
The CFL and the players’ association have fired the first shots in what’s possibly shaping up to be an acrimonious labour battle over the next collective bargaining agreement.
The CFLPA issued a memo to all players and their agents Thursday evening accusing the league of directing the nine teams not to pay off-season bonuses slated to be doled out in 2019 in an attempt to “add pressure on the CFLPA and its membership to rush a settlement at the bargaining table.?
According to the CFLPA, the league office issued a directive to the teams instructing them not to pay signing bonuses, roster bonuses and report and pass bonuses starting Jan. 1, 2019 – despite the fact that the collective agreement is not slated to expire until May 15 of that year.
“The CFL’s directive states that while Players and Clubs can enter such arrangements for the 2019 season, payment for the pre?season bonuses cannot occur until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement has been reached between the CFLPA and the CFL,? the memo reads.
By not paying bonuses in 2019, the CFL would rob many players of their off-season income as many veteran players have such provisions in their contracts. It could also wreak havoc with free agency this year as players look to negotiate roster bonuses that may not be paid and next February when many players look for signing bonuses as part of their new deals.
The CFLPA says it recently asked the league to rescind the directive and has been denied.

This is the one thing I hate about this League... the way they treat their players.

This is exactly why 40 percent of CFL fans have walked away from the league since 2011. Refusing to grow up and be a big boy. They will pay their Managenent and executives low middle 6 figure salaries, but want to pay their players high five figure salaries.
"The League That Refused to Grow Up" is what the next book on the CFL should be called.
I have it on a very good authority ( my aunt who's step daughter is employed as a treasurer) that one of the three community teams pays her more than the starting QB on the team!!
This is why CFL teams commit so many penalties. The teams only have a work week of 20 hours. They negotiated a 20 hour work week after taking it up the tail pipe in the last collective agreement.
Time to grow up CFL!! Stop living in your parents basement!! The cap should be at 7 million with a 80K minimum salary.
All coaches and Administrstion should have a cap of 3 million. Thus each team has a payroll of 10 million plus injured reserve and practice roster(another 1 million tops)
Right now , most teams are spending more than 11 million, but are giving more to their coaches and managrment than their players. This is despite the fact the players outnumber them by a 2:1 ratio

The league is in the business of making money. Why wouldn't it try to minimize labour costs? This is just how things work in a union shop -- both sides seek to maximize their own benefit. Both sides also have a hammer -- strike or lockout. Neither has felt it necessary to use that hammer in the past and I doubt they will in 2019, either. But make no mistake, the league is not going to raise the salary cap to $7M, or anywhere close to that, without a protracted and acrimonious labour negotiation.

If it was 7 million then the trade off would be a 40 hour wotk week. Yhis would cut the CFL's most glaring issue.. Penalties!!
twice in the last decade the Grey Cup game has been decided by a ridiculous penalty. That's embarrassing.
You get what you pay for, and dispite having some of the greatest atheletes on the planet, the CFL is paying for nonsense!! The players punch at a weight, way higher than their pay grade.

I would imagine that the 2019 payments would be based on the fact that there would be a 2019 football season. The contract expires prior to the season.

Why would the league pay 2019 money until there is definitely a 2019 season.

We are going to see worst case scenario articles back and forth until there is an agreement.

From what I can see, the first salvo in this labour fight was an internal document that expresses a possible position the league might take if there is no agreement. The union in the hopes of garnering public opinion made it public.

I agree, it looks likepublicity stunt on the part of the PA.

Nobody would have any signing bonus money for 2019 anyways at this time. Signing bonus money for 2018 wouldn't even been a conversation for most of the players since free agency doesn't happen until February. So a year later, I can see it being deferred until the new agreement is reached.

No chance the league asks for this. The league does not believe -- nor do I -- that the quality of play is so bad that an extra four hours a day of practice are needed or would be helpful. And it certainly wouldn't surrender $1.5M more per team per year just to coach guys more.

You may recall that the league reduced the amount of contact and equipment that can be used in practice, a sensible move from a player safety standpoint. You think the league is going to risk opening itself up in the Arland Bruce case (or others that may emerge) by letting players hit each other more in practice? You think anyone (players, coaches, etc.) wants to spend four more hours a day watching film? If penalties are the most glaring issue facing the league (a highly debatable concept), there's a lot more to it than the amount of time players spend at their team facilities.

There are tons of penalties in NFL games, that's a crock of you know what that the CFL is way more penalty ridden then the NFL which is what you seem to be insinuating.

Yeah and I think it's crap when medical secretary's are getting paid $22.00 an hour and answering patients calls and having to triage these calls to the right person in a timely manner as part of patient care when their doctors are out playing golf or whatever but not around the clinic earning upwards of $300,000 a year and some hospital administrators in the same boat sitting in meetings all day long with catered lunches and spending most of the meeting talking about their fancy vacations, cottages and golf club memberships. ::slight_smile:

It's negotiations, it's not some conspiracy here or anything unethical as you seem to be implying. Business negotiations between a union and their employer, nothing more, nothing less. Most fans don't really care, I don't, it's their business, their union. Mind you what I do care is paying for a ticket to go see some mega multimillionaire major leaguer who then doesn't put out any more effort during a game than an amateur player or a CFL player making a reasonable salary. Now that would bug me.

There's another guy on this board, whose name I can't be bothered to look up, who insists that fans are suddenly fleeing the CFL in droves out of mass disagreement with the playoff system that has existed for the past 60+ years. You can't both be right. (But you could both be wrong.)

Bingo ExPat!

"twice in the last decade the Grey Cup game has been decided by a ridiculous penalty." Braleyneedstogo

Which two Grey Cup s are you referring to? Just curious.

Tell your Aunt that stuff doesn't get legalized until next July, so she better lay off it a bit until then or she could find herself in a bit of trouble.

It is important to note that this directive was issued BEFORE Ambrosie was appointed Commissioner.

Good 7 minute listen here from the Executive Director of the CFLPA Brian Ramsay.

The Ambrosie part is towards the end @ 5:55

I'll take a crack at it,

2009; Too many men on the field on Saskatchewan
2014; Illegal block from the rear on Hamilton

I was thinking of those two Grey Cups but in fairness to BNTG I'll wait for him to confirm. When I first read his post it appears he is saying the penalties themselves are ridiculous as in they should not be on the books. I hope that is not what he was meaning. I think what he's saying is that if the guys were better trained and disciplined via more required practice time they would not be taking "ridiculous" penalties and we would be seeing fewer penalties. He might just have a point.

until they stop drawing so many holding and illegal block penalties, I will consider them generally overpaid. With many exceptions of course.

The 13thman grey cup and the Brandon Banks punt return for a TD. If players spent a bit more time studing film and in meetings, then maybe these would not have happened. Furthermore, the CFL has more about twice as many penalties per game than the NFL.

So if players had to be there eight hours a day instead of four and a half, there would never be a too-many-men penalty or a blocking-from-the-rear call? That just ignores the reality of how the game is played. Even if coached round the clock, guys are going to get caught out of position from time to time. And who goes on the field for a kick is up to the assistant coach(es) in charge of special teams.