CFL to stream 2015 Playoffs free on Youtube

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This is an excellent idea.

To be honest, it's not one that I thought they would make.

Very forward thinking, good on them.

Hope it exposes the game to more people.

Great job by the Commish on this

Exposing our best teams in our most important games free on the net for the world to see, can only have positive results. :thup:

I'd say it's a good move. It's a large world out there and if it's a cost effective way to spread the brand, I'm all for it.

Wood be good to know a regional breakdown once it's done to see which corners of the glove take interest.

My understanding is that the YouTube has an analytic page for all Channels where you can view stats on page views, including exactly where the views took place from, timing, etc.

Not sure these #'s would be shared, not unless they are really good numbers, if not expect them to keep quiet on #'s as they have this year with tv audiences.

I'll be in Jamaica during the game and was worried I'd miss it. Now, I can try to find a place that has espn2 or just YouTube it on my tablet. Shouldn't miss a play now!

"Content not available in this region" :wink:

NLL has been streaming their games for several seasons now. Every game, all season, free. Most young people are not getting cable/satellite when they move out and are going strictly online.

This is a smart more by the league and if TSN doesn't find a way to add subscribers from sources other than cable/satellite providers they'll find themselves on the outside looking in in just a few years.

You did know it would be unavailable anywhere they already had a TV contract in place.

Actually I didn't, just trying to be funny. Although ESPN Live internet content is blacked-out in Canada and vice-versa I believe. It kinda makes sense that TSN wouldn't appreciate YouTube streaming live CFL games (in Canada). :wink:

I'm hoping they get big numbers and maybe it turns on a light bulb with someone at TSN to the possibilities for online subscribers. I am ready to ditch satellite and TSN is really the only thing delaying the move. If I could subscribe to TSN online I would drop my provider tomorrow.

But what does it matter to you? you admitted in another thread that you haven't watched a CFL game since week 2, and you only watch highlights and read reports about the games so you aren't contributing to the ratings at all or helping the CFL or TSN.