CFL to start a soccer league -- news next week

Will be announced next week. Apparently Halifax is in, Toronto is out, Montreal is out, Vancouver is out, Saskatchewan is out (for now). And possibly Quebec City will come in.

It will be good for Quebec City and Halifax to come in as that will be mean new stadiums have been built.

It will be a Canadian League that will face the league in the USA.

Any point in asking for a source or a link?

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[url=] ... ague-r4701[/url]
CSN has confirmed that the CSA is involved in negotiations with the CFL and NASL to launch an all-Canadian league.

There could be as many as seven teams involved, all affiliated with local CFL teams and playing in CFL stadiums.

Hamilton’s Bob Young is said to be the leading voice on the CFL side. The Ti-Cats owner was previously involved in professional soccer in Carolina. Although he had a falling out with Traffic Sports, sources say that relationship has been healed.

The league would likely begin play in 2016, which the possibility of up to two teams coming in for 2015 (Hamilton and Calgary have been suggested).

The three MLS markets will likely opt out. There is no word on whether teams independent of CFL teams (with the exception of the pre-existing FC Edmonton) will be considered. It’s likely that such arrangements would be considered after the league was established.

The league would be affiliated with the American NASL. The format would likely resemble Major League Baseball with two distinct leagues operating in close cooperation. There would be some inter-league play and the Soccer Bowl would likely be played between the two champions.

A soccer blog that gives no source or prints no quotes is no where near confirmation of legitimacy.

and it doesn't confirm what the original poster is saying.

That’s because the OP is a troll.

I have no idea if an announcement is imminent but this information about a Canadian division of the NASL with some CFL team involvement has appeared in some major US sports blogs too like Bleacher Report - although many do site the first link I provided as the source but they add additional information and commentary on it. I have heard before this sort of thing was one of the things Bob Young had been working on.

[url=] ... artnership[/url]

And this one a New York City Soccer blog talking about American cities like Hartford being considered as an NASL expansion team they add this about Canada quoting the NASL commissioner. … ord-27323/

While Hartford remains a goal, further Canadian expansion sounds imminent. Peterson (the NASL commish) has been in constant contact with the Canadian Football Association, holding several meetings and exploring the possibility of furthering the NASL footprint in the Great White North.

“From a league standpoint, we think there are probably three or four market places in Canada that would do well to support an NASL team now. With the success of the teams in Canada, professional teams in Canada now, people are starting to see the real opportunity and support that exists there for professional soccer.

dcmoses. i guess you feel like an idiot now huh?

Still just a bunch of blogs. If this is truly in the works why has not a single sports new outlet reported on it?

Granted your last link has a quote TravelPat, but I would take it a lot more seriously if the writer could have done some basic research and gotten the CFL's name correct. The Canadian Football Association?

Not at all. I considered you a troll well before you dropped yet another thread to clog the main page. Also, you have yet to post a link supporting anything you posted and the links posted by others are by bloggers not news agencies and none mention anything you posted.

To use your words, "i guess you feel like an idiot now huh?.

Here are a few links:

[url=] ... artnership[/url] [url=] ... ague-r4701[/url]

Two more blogs that both reference the CSN blog as their only source. This is nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumour.

Well let's see if there is a presser about this next week and by who. QC and Halifax sounds interesting, would be good if either one or both can lead to new stadium and get the footprint expanded east.

Total bull.

I have caught bleacher report a million times printing crap. Very opinionated sire.

Not happening

Not at all. I considered you a troll well before you dropped yet another thread to clog the main page. Also, you have yet to post a link supporting anything you posted and the links posted by others are by bloggers not news agencies and none mention anything you posted.

To use your words, "i guess you feel like an idiot now huh?.
Don't have people do your own work little man. It's being reported all over.

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This does seem to mesh with everything the Ti-Cats have been saying though considering you already have Edmonton and Ottawa already in the NASL. Everybody has assumed that by 2016 Hamilton would have an NASL team but then the Ti-Cats started talk of wanting to be in a Canadian soccer league that they field a team in to help develop Canadian players. So to me it makes a lot of sense to be a Canadian division or league affiliated with the NASL.

FYI- the NASL is Division 2 soccer, MLS - Division 1 and USL is Division 3 as far as both the Canadian and American soccer federations are concerned. So this would be a Division 2 soccer league.

In terms of North American sports the NASL would be something like Triple A baseball or the AHL.

Average attendance is in the 5 - 6 thousand a game range. It currently has 10 American teams in places like Fort Lauderdale, Minnesota, San Antonio, Carolina, Virginia and Indy and two Canadian teams - Ottawa who are moving into TD Place next Sunday July 20th - and Edmonton who play in Clarke Stadium.

The city of Hamilton gave Bob Young an exclusive time frame for him and only him to bring a soccer team to THF. The city recently extended that window - and all along everybody in Hamilton assumed it would be an NASL team. At one point the discussion coming from the Ti-Cats was talk of a ‘Canadian’ league or division for a Hamilton Soccer team to play in. There was a thread on this in the Ti-Cats chat board and a report on Hamilton’s involvement in a story in the Hamilton Spectator.

So hearing this report now - which very much seems to mesh with the goals of the Ti-Cats ownership as it relates to soccer - the goal of developing a predominantly Canadian ‘league’ - as a division or league somehow affiliated with the NASL - to me makes a lot of sense and gives this blog report some credence.

Here is one of the the stories from a couple months ago on this as it relates to Hamilton from The Spec - … al-groups/

The Cats want to have a professional soccer team playing at Tim Hortons Field by 2016 and there's some chance it will be in a Canadian or Canadian-based league.

Between 80 and 100 coaches, administrators, local league officials and Ontario Soccer Association officials will be introduced to the soccer configuration of the Pan Am Stadium at a reception, and hear how the Canadian Football League’s Ticats want to be an integral part of an intensified development of local players to the highest levels: professional and national team play.

Their public silence doesn’t mean the Cats have been idle on the soccer front.

They’ve had lay-of-the-land meetings with Mark Abbott, president of Major League Soccer, the only Division-1 league in North America; have met with Bill Peterson, commissioner of the North American Soccer League, the current Division-2 league in the U.S. (which also has teams in Edmonton and Ottawa); have spent time with the Canadian Soccer Association; and are in step with the CSA’s aim of providing a place for more Canadian players to play at a higher level.

Canada is one of the world’s few soccer nations — along with Wales, San Marino, Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco and their tiny ilk — that doesn’t have its own national league and also has teams playing in another country’s top league: Major League Soccer teams in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

The MLS is off-limits to Hamilton because, in a distinct echo of hockey, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment owns the territorial rights.

Division 2 is Hamilton’s natural level but the North American Soccer League may not be the end game here because there is no quota for Canadian players and Mitchell, Gibson, McGrane and, above all, Cats owner Bob Young agree with the CSA that the country’s dismal men’s soccer results won’t improve unless its pro teams are compelled to play a minimum number of Canadian players.

“The vision we all have for Canada at some point is our own league,” McGrane says. “The CSA is the second oldest soccer association in the world and we don’t have our own league.”

The Cats aren’t talking aloud about negotiations to either join or form a pro league, but are known to have contacted soccer interests in other CFL cities without MLS teams about the all-Canadian concept.