CFL to revamp front office

Report: CFL to revamp front office

Tom Wright Staff with Globe and Mail files

1/7/2006 2:53:06 AM

The Globe and Mail reports that the Canadian Football League’s Toronto head office is set to hire a new chief operating officer and will also dismiss of two longtime executives.

According to the paper, the CFL will announce next week that it has hired Michael Copeland as it new COO to oversee football operations and costs, legal affairs and administration.

“I think we’ve undergone a lot of growth and success in the last three years and in order to accelerate that I thought it was necessary to bring in some new perspective,” commissioner Tom Wright told The Globe.

Copeland will work alongside Brent Scrimshaw, the league’s former senior vice-president of marketing and partnerships whose title will change to chief marketing officer.

Jim Grundy, the league’s senior vice-president of business operations hired by former commissioner Michael Lysko, will be leaving his post. Also gone is senior vice-president of football operations Ed Chalupka.

Files from The Globe and Mail were used for this report.


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