CFL to release 2019 schedule

CFL to release 2019 schedule

The Canadian Football League will unveil the 2019 schedule at noon eastern time Thursday.
For the first time ever the CFL announced the schedule in December last year and that is the case again.
The schedule shouldfollowthe same template from 2018 which had 21 weeks and three bye weeks for each team.
Week 1 features the Winnipeg Blue Bombers traveling to the west coast for a matchup against the new look B.C. Lions.

Looks like we open at home this year
164 days, but who’s counting! :slight_smile:

Here it is

Labour Day back to 1pm
No LD Rematch.

@ Sask

Only one Thursday night game (+1 preseason), 3 Fridays, 4 Saturdays, and the Labour Day game. Wish the Labour Day game was at 4PM, but overall I really like the dates/times we got.

From a football perspective, that western swing in September is a little scary. Only one back to back this year which is nice.

3 straight road games ???

Some positives:

  • We play TOR and MTL three times each, and OTT only twice
  • We don’t have a killer start to the schedule (for a change)
  • We get SSK early while they are likely to be sorting out their QB situation
  • Final three games include all three eastern rivals - hopefully they are meaningful games

Some negatives:

  • Western games include a 10pm start (ET) and two 9:30pm starts
  • I’m sure I’ll find more reasons to complain if I look a little longer :slight_smile:

And a stretch of 1 home game in 6 games. Yikes.

It is a good schedule :slight_smile:

first 4 of 6 at home and last 3 of 4 at home

I’m guessing we requested the back-to-back CAL-EDM games so that we can bunk in Alberta again like last season. Adding WPG right afterwards was just the league messing with us a bit.

HAM could quite possibly have the fewest flights in the league (four return trips?), if we keep taking the train to OTT and MTL.

The league as a whole has 5 of the “Super Saturdays” with tripleheaders on Saturdays.
Personally I love them, although many disagree. Park on the couch, fire up the smoker and watch football.

Labour Day then a bye then the three away games against the West.

Those are going to be the real test if we want to be better than 500.

Going to put a lot of pressure on the non-football element as in where they stay, practice etc… as well as getting everyone to focus after a bye.

I wonder if they will come back home after the second Alberta game then fly out again to Winnipeg? I would think the economics say they don’t.

I like the rest of the schedule though unlike others I liked the back to back games but no big deal.

Circle the Ottawa games again unless Montreal/Toronto sign a good QB.

We must start winning against the Redblacks period.

Merry Christmas all,


We play 2 colours twice, Argos and Als thrice in the regular season .

We play Stamps, Esks, and Bombers on the road in the space of 13 days . That could be our season right there ! Congrats to the Marquis de Sade for the schedule. “It is always by way of pain, one arrives at pleasure”.

Pat Lynch (the old pain guy)

Looking at Deadblacks schedule

Open in CGY, come home to SSK on a 5 day swing, bye, then host WPG.
Could lead to a nasty start for them. ;D

It would be nice to be ahead of them for a change rather than chase them down, however lots of questions about rosters to be answered.

August10 host BC Lions on CFLHoF Game where hopefully our own Joe Zuger is finally inducted!

From August 11 to October 3… one home game… (yes, obviously there’s home games on the ends of that… but thats a long a$$ time between home games)

Agree 100% on Zuger for the Hall . Bob Krouse would be another very worthy entrant .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

The triple headers are awesome.

Bye weeks at 6 - 13 and 18, spaced out perfectly