CFL to pay former Ottawa owners for Salary Cap overage

According to an article in the Regina Leader Post today the CFL is going to pay the former owners of Ottawa $1 million because of their failure to enforce the Salary cap! Each team is to be dinged $125,000.

The article goes on to that the league and the other teams wants to do an out of court setlement to avoid having to open up their books. They do not want Revenue Canada and the IRS to see what is going on!!!

I really hope that the teams are declaring the full amount to the tax man, otherwise they will have much more of a problem than pissed of fans.

btw, nice to have three full pages of CFL stories in the paper today!

What a load of shi-ite…believe everything you read, do you?

…actually I think this is true, I heard it from another source…basically it’s hush-money to avoid the teams having to open their books should the former gades owners sue the league…

Gotta agree with Eski-Moses. Unless the league has B.S.'ed everyone before. There is no Salary Cap. It’s only a Guideline. Dang, didn’t save my news,apers from last year. I’m sure I remember Commisioner Wright making that statement…“It’s only a guideline.”

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Its not what the Commis said to us last year, but what was said to the prospective owners of the Gades when they were looking to start the team up a few years ago that matters!

It may be that in court they could not win the case, but getting to court would involve opening up the books and various discloser sessions.

What a load of shi-ite...believe everything you read, do you?
No I do not believe everything I read. Interesting to see that TSN is also carry the story:

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Liquid sunshine Billy…It’s liquid.

Actually, Up here We’ve got lucky with the rain, its been overcast but with the elevation, we escaped most of the rain.

Back to subject matter: I noticed the last line of the article…Enforcable salary cap for 2006. (Begs the question…What is in force now?) Only a guideline I would presume!

THere have been more stories in the paper about this issue!

Perhaps its time for the CFL to make some sort of announcement!

Fair enough, if you ask me, but the teams that brock the Cap should take more money than teams that obayed it.

The problem is that there appears to be no mechanism to determin who went over the cap.

Also the original agreement would have been with the CFL as an entity, not each team individually.


I do want to see a good cap in place cuz if there isn’t, my team is fuck ed like the Winnipeg Jets were.

But I do feel that if a team CAN spend lots of money on a good team, they should be allound to, like Edmonton.

All in all though, I want to see a good stonrg enforced cap, but one that doesn’t competly effect the dept charts.

There just should be some teams that are power houses, some that are mediocere, and some that just suck. A league needs a balance of close games and blowouts, which is what happening now but will it happen under a stong cap is a question mark to me.

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Here is the link to the original story from the Ottawa paper

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