Via Mike Reiss twitter - Patriots had DB Tevaughn Campbell (Montreal Alouettes) and WR Jordan Williams-Lambert (Saskatchewan Roughriders) in for free-agent workouts. Both players could be considerations for “future? contracts for 2019.

HGood luck to them both. Gosh I’m old enough to remember when the cfl outbid the nfl for players. Let see Joe the throw quarterback for Argos and when he went to the nfl actually returned punts for a short period. The als out bid the bills for line backer Tom cousineau. I remember watching the local Buffalo tv news sportscasters literally crying foul and be insulted that he would sign in the cfl. Another example was Vince farragimo signed by the als for more money than his nfl team offered but he was a disaster. Yes spelled his name wrong but he was forgettable in in any event. There were others but those days are gone. Sadly