CFL to NFL -- Taking the long road

An article about 4 former CFL players now playing in the NFL

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(Your musical tastes may differ from mine, but I was listening to this suitably titled song while reading the article

Good article. Good luck to all 4.

Interesting article.
Of course these American players want to go back to the NFL.
Its their league, and thats where the money is.

Its like Canadians playing hockey in Europe.
Even though the hocke is almost comparable,
If given the chance they'd come back to the NHL in a heartbeat.

This is why I hope this league can sign a fat new TV deal with TSN, CBC or both.
Because then we can raise the salary cap and maybe keep our top players around.
Instead of them making the same on US practice rosters.

Also you pay more, it might entice more young Canadians to take up football.
Because right now at the minimum they can make more working at Walmart.

What regular Wal-Mart employee makes more than $43,000.00/year????