CFL to look at Edmonton bubble concept for 2021

Now the CFL is exploring a bubble city concept for 2021. Edmonton is one city they looking towards.

This from 3down Nation.

Considering the source what are your thoughts on this issue.

I, for one, believe it may be challenging.

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That's a "NO!" from me.

If that's the case then next year will suck as well.

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I'm sure we're all hoping for better news so there'll be no need for a bubble city, but they have to at least prepare for that possibility.

I'd prefer to see two bubbles, one in the West and one in the East.

And if they're doing a bubble system would it be worth fast-tracking that expansion team for SSE? I mean, not having a stadium in Halifax would not be a problem if all the games are in a bubble city elsewhere.

Of course . . . what to do with the team if/when the need for a bubble is gone? Perhaps a few years in Moncton.


Copy the NHL model indeed but with far fewer teams.

I don't see, however, a bubble lasting more than about 8 weeks or so in the regular season.

Players have families after all.

It won't be easy, but there will have to be a mid-season break if there is a bubble.

Even with that we have to wonder just how many players will opt out and we have not even had determined the new compensation model for players with a refinanced and restructured league!

So many tall hurdles ...


Chances are slim that we will have a pre-covid situation in 2021. CFL suspended its 2020 season because they wre unprepared, so let's not pass on 2021. Bubble city seems to be the best option for now.


Bubble concepts are expensive. Disney charged the NBA 165 million dollars to house the rest of the NBA season. The NHL paid 70 to 90 million dollars to have their bubbles.

I suspect that the CFL will use a bubble concept for half the season, then play outdoors in individual stadiums once provinces relax mass gatherings in the summer months. Then if COVID-19 cases rise, the CFL goes back into the bubble for their playoffs. The CFL would estimate the cost of bubble to half of what the NHL paid for theirs in the 30 to 40 million dollar range even with the host city alleviating costs

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so far, this seems to me to be only 3dn speculation. I dont see it happening

...if the league requires gate receipts to function how does a bubble-concept solve that issue? The good football fans in Edmonton aren’t going to pay to go to every game...


I'm really happy to see they are thinking of ways to play next year. With or without fans the CFL has to move forward.


Maybe they find new revenue streams to make it work, and/or the owners accept some losses to keep the league from missing two years in a row?

Maybe plaster the uniforms with more advertising?


Though this comes from 3 down via Rod Pederson, I have no doubt the league is looking into an Edmonton Hub.

More likely they're looking at dozens of scenarios with different cities, full and partial home cities, no fans, some fans, full fans.

They already know what a 6 game hub city in Winnipeg looks like and costs involved. Part of this is how so they make up the 30 million with existing, future cuts and any new revenue they can garner.

Lots of ways this can go and much like this year, lots is out of their control.


There is increased revenue potential in more booze, marijuana, and gambling in even the hardest of times.

Relax some of the rules and work with the government in doing so, and then collect the massive advertising dollars from proponents of all of the above too.

It need not be forever given all the issues that could come with all those in abundance, but hey times are tough enough why not facilitate a party atmosphere for more folks when they tune in. The young people certainly will be more drawn to the spectacle.

The NFL figured this out certainly for the gambling angle, but there is so much more to tap.

No I don't think this is a long-term strategy, but I do think it's one in the current economic and pandemic climate that would help much get a jump for the action.

Throw prostitution into the mix and you may be on to something.

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...why not add murder-for-hire too?


Okay now folks, this might be a bridge too far! :rofl:

Hmm . . . what's Simoni up to these days? :astonished:

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The Federal Gov't has to sign off on legalizing single event betting and they aren't in a hurry to do so with the pandemic happening

how about granting 'bubble' status to the 2 teams in the grey cup ?
would give more weight to getting to the grey cup game

...chicken and're proposing to conduct a grey cup to identify the bubble cities, but to have the grey cup you'd have to have the bubbles cities already in place...


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