CFL to (Hopefully) Return in 2010!
I am so pumped!

Welcome back Ottawa Rough Riders!

My wife called me and mentioned during our conversation that they're talking about the article constantly on radio today.

Geez, I hope they don't set a false expectation. Nothing has been finalized here and Hunt made it a point to say that he had nothing to report. Let's not put words in anyone's mouth.

Just being optimistic. It's a nice change of pace from all of the naysayers out there.

Knowing Jeff Hunt, I believe there's a good reason for being optimistic too. A savvy businessman representing a solid business group. Things are looking good for a new Ottawa team.

Although I'm happy that there still seems to be a prospect for a team, 2010 is ridiculously far away. Anything can happen between now and then. I won't believe they're serious until I see a commitment on the rebuilding of a stadium.

Makes sense...

IMHO, this news is perfect timing. I don't know how the Globe and Mail obtained the news, but it is convenient timing with the closing of the Landsdowne public consultation. I estimate they're further along in the process than they're letting on.

I was surprised by how phase two went. I thought the comments were overwhelmingly in favour of the stadium, with mostly only that douche bag Armand speaking against it to no end.

I'm still curious about the way it was laid out. It was something like "Guiding principle: Retain and Renovate Frank Clair Stadium". It wasn't really a question, more like a statement. It sounded to me like this was set as a guideline before even going into round two.

I don't know who here participated in all that, but if you did, for what little it's worth, thank you.

Ottawa is like Chicago Blackhawks. It's no coincidence that after Bill Wirtz's death the team, fans, market is excited once again. They've finally made it to the 21st century and will broadcast their home games next year!

Enough about them, Congratulations to Football fans in Ottawa! I have no doubt M Hunt will do a great job with CFL franchise in the nation's capital.

Best wishes.

Even the new CFL Commish is sounding positive:

I especially like this quote: “I was joking before (that) I’ll probably have to change my suit, because you guys will recognize because I will be back soon,” he said. “Very soon.”

It can’t be soon enough for Ottawa football fans.

I'd better shave regularly. If he pops into town for an announcement, I want to try to crash it. :wink: I'd think it'd be a good idea to show support even for a conditional franchise.

It always starts at the top. I'm a Redskins fan in the NFL (sure know how to pick 'em, eh?) and they were a class, successful franchise under Jack Kent Cooke.

Under Dan Snyder, however... :?

I understand that the press conference might be as early as Tuesday.

I am sure the left leaning council in ottawa will screw this up.The city can't afford to run or even fix up the old place,but to let some people in to take over and run it right and make money will not go over well with some of the council people. Like clive, all he wants to do is make a nice park out of it so the street thugs can take it over.

Absolutely … I completely agree. Do it!

Here's an update from Mark Cohon on the Ottawa Franchise situation. Interview was today (March 24, 2007)