CFL to hold four player supplemental draft on Monday

From Drew Edwards' Blog:

"The CFL has just announced that they'll hold a big supplemental draft on Monday morning featuring four players. Here's the release from the league:

The Canadian Football League (CFL) Supplemental Canadian Draft will take place on Monday, May 30 at 9:00am ET.

Eligible players include:

Alex Ellis DL Wilfrid Laurier - 6'1" 306 lbs

Stephen Inman LB Tabor College - 6'0" 235 lbs

Ted Laurent DL Mississippi - 6'03" 303 lbs

Kito Poblah WR Central Michigan - 6'2" 213 lbs

The supplemental draft is for any player who didn't receive official non-import status from the CFL and CFLPA until after the CFL Canadian Draft.

The supplemental draft works a bit like an auction. Teams have the option of giving up a pick in next year's CFL Canadian Draft in exchange for the rights to an eligible player, but they can be trumped by a team willing to part with a higher pick in next year's draft. As a result, the player eventually goes to the team most willing to forfeit a higher pick next year. The team with the highest waiver priority makes its offer last, meaning they have the last chance to match any previous offer.

The order of priority is:

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Edmonton
  3. British Columbia
  4. Toronto
  5. Hamilton
  6. Calgary
  7. Saskatchewan
  8. Montreal

Results of Monday's supplemental draft will be announced through a news release when it has concluded."

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After Losing Ray we need atleast go after one guy in Supplemental draft

A Tweet from Drew pour vous...

"scratchingpostDrew Edwards

According to his agent, Canadian LB Joseph Malabuyoc (Hawaii) has signed with the #Ticats. #CFL"

That would make nine on the roster. Really? Do we really need that many linebackers at TC? Isn’t that one of the few positions where we actually have strength AND depth, even with Mariuz’s departure?

From what I’ve found on-line this chap only got into two games last year. I doubt a backup from Hawaii will crack the roster.

That's why there's pre-season. Don't forget - many linebackers ate ST players only, trying to earn their way into a position.

Not all the LB's are actually used as LB's. A lot of NI LB's are used as special teams fodder. Yannick Carter, Matt Robocop, Charles Assman etc etc are all examples of that. LB's have the perfect balance of size and speed so they make great ST players.

Agreed. Given that there could be up to six LBs on the field during a punt, nine on the roster doesn't sound that bad. Although the fullbacks/tight ends also tend to get thrown into the mix too, so that's another couple.

Speaking of which, I just noticed that Barrenechea is now officially listed as FB on the team roster page. Good move for him. I hope they actually use him on occasion.

Denise is awesome, when I worked with her back in the day @ Jackson's Square, she knew every single Season Ticket Holder and what seat they sat in.

Kudo's to her. She is truly 1 of the best and has been through the good bad and ugly with the Ti-Cats.

Over served on a Thursday night? :lol: :lol: