CFL to go to 21 week schedule in 2018

CFL to go to 21 week schedule in 2018
Posted on September 13, 2017 by Justin Dunk // 2 Comments

The CFL and CFLPA are expected to make a major announcement shortly which will see the league go to a 21-week schedule – thereby adding a third bye week for each team – as well as eliminating shoulder pads from all practices after training camp, per sources.
The schedule changes will take effect in 2018 while the shoulders pad ban happens immediately.
The CFL and the CFLPA are set to make the changes official during an online announcement this afternoon.

Whats next 2019 CFL announces 42 week schedule team play every other week and 1/2 the games will be contact.

Sorry for trying to help football players live longer, better lives. I know it must be hard for you to have deal with one extra bye week during the season.

No it's the unpadded practices that are dumb. That's like telling a boxer you can spare before a fight you just can't hit each other.

Full contact practices are pretty rare during the season already. I don't think this will be a big change.

I love this as a fan - one more week of CFL is fine by me. I guess they'll start the season a week earlier and leave the grey cup where it is? This should also help even out the distribution of bye weeks across teams and make the scheduling more fair.

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From the#cflwives & Families, Thank You for thinking about the well-being of the men we love. Cant deny the#research@CFL

Great news

The league and the Association are reducing contact, and contact drills now, but the injuries not only persist, but seem to be increasing. Both in frequency and severity, and in the NFL as well as the CFL. Are the players getting too big, too strong, too fast? Is reducing the padding in practices and reducing the contact drills maybe setting the players up for more injuries when they do face the contact of game play?

I think we need more thought and maybe more research around this area. Maybe the improvements in padding have made the players feel invincible, or even using their pads, especially the helmet, as the lead point in contacting and tackling. On top of that, we seem to be seeing more "non-contact" injuries like blown knees and ankles. I don't know if there are any reasonable rules to reduce the injury toll.

"Letsgot-it !"
And, TSN's Farhan Lalji, out in Vancouver, explains why, well, in the video here:

How do you try a player out in Aug or sept if you can't see if he can tackle or block or break a tackle

Now if we can just get them to start the regular season in early June instead of late June/ early July. I don,t understand why this didn't happen already, even before the extra buy week.

How many times can you say insane in a minute? If you don't want to play a contact sport learn to play golf. No contact practices are you serious? If you are really worried about the players than look at the real problem turf. There have been numerous injuries in both the CFL and the NFL which they now call non contact injuries. The biggest in the NFL right now is Julian Edelmen. If you see the film his injury looks exactly like Collaros' injury and numerous others in both leagues. I have seen so many of these "non contact" injuries over the last few years and you look into it further after they started installing these new turf surfaces. 21 week schedule is even more stupid they already get two bye weeks which is very good. One last thing stop teaching them to lead with there heads in practice. I was always taught tuck your head and use your shoulder. Coaching is a big part of the problem so has the new equipment become a serious issue. These new rules are another nail in the coffin of an already declining league and sport.

I don't see what 1 extra bye week will do. Especially now with no contact practices. If they were serious they'd continue with 2 bye weeks and reduce the season to 16 games.

With non contact practices how does a young rookie develop the skills needed for this level. Eventually this going to lead to watching some pretty bad football and guys making a lot of mistakes that could easily have been avoided. In fact I think this may lead to more injuries as now guys will continue with bad habits that could be corrected in practice.

I remember at all levels growing up playing high level of sport. The rule was you play like you practice. This is just a horrible idea overall.

They don't work on hitting technique in practice. They rarely have full contact practices as is.

Then this is exactly why there is so many injuries. To get good at something it has been done repeatedly over and over. If you aren't continually practicing the most important part of football giving and taking a hit than naturally once you are in a game with adrenaline you are going to make mistakes with regards to angles and timing etc. If people can't really see how counter productive and dangerous it really is to practice a contact sport non contact I don't know what to say.

It really is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard. Then throw in weeks where you can't even practice and don't have a game. Then play a game after 2 weeks of not giving or taking a hit. That's a lot of time off and guys timing gets way out of whack.

We'd have to have about 150 guys on the roster if we practiced like you wanted to.

Nobody has been hitting during the season for a long long time. Why? Because it's stupid. This isn't tyke football where you need to teach the fundamentals of tackling each day...these are grown men who have played the sport their entire life, and surprisingly have game film of themselves doing so. You want to see if a guy can tackle, you watch his tape, you don't sick him on your running backs and receivers in practice and hope he doesn't kill them. It's a scout job to find guys who can tackle, not picking them up at random.

Also they do practice tackling sometimes...they just hit bags instead of each other ... my teams as a kid even followed this rule because there was nothing dumber than having a contact practice and watching three guys get hurt for no reason when you've got a game to prepare for.

This is a smart move by the league, whether us fans like it or not player safety needs to be number one priority if we want the sport to stay relevant.