CFL to be involved with new Canadian soccer league for 2017?

We know the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been open about wanting to make a soccer team part of their portfolio and the Ti-Cats do have soccer specific people now on their payroll. It was always unclear though if the Ti-Cats affiliated soccer team were going to be part of the USL or NASL or in a new all Canadian league as Bob Young had often described as his wish.

Grover on the Ti-Cats board just posted a link from the Canadian soccer news stating that according to their sources there will be a new all-Canadian soccer league in 2017 with some 'direct CFL involvement'.

CSN has confirmed that Canada will have a league of its own in 2017. A source close to the negotiations said that a formal announcement will be made late in 2015 or early in 2016.

The league will have between eight and 10 teams located across the country. There is some direct CFL involvement, as well as ownership from other sports. The source was unable to confirm what specific cities were in negotiations, citing confidentiality concerns.

The league will not be affiliated with the NASL. Although there were some early conversations about partnering with the NASL (that were reported on by CSN) the source said those talks were “greatly exaggerated.?

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Yes, not the first time I heard this too though the last rumour was a NASL Canadian division next year.

If it's separate all together, I would think Ottawa would move to this league if the CFL is going to be involved. Either way it makes sense that Canada finally has their own pro league as I understand FIFA would want this if Canada wants to host the men's World Cup down the road.

Edmonton too would move from the NASL to this league. Theyre so isolated from all the other NASL teams. And soon its closest rival Minnesota will be moving to MLS. Theres also been talk that the 3 MLS teams would pull their reseverve teams out of USL and move them to the new Canadian league. Would be great if it happened. Eventually the caliber of play may build up to where the full MLS team may move to the Canadian league. Exciting times.

I think its a good partnership, CFL and soccer. It allows CFL teams to explore new revenue streams for their stadiums. AND most importantly it allows CFL team to tap that younger fan demographic as soccer is a popular sport with the younger fans. And we know the CFL fans age demographic is getting older.

Basically the soccer equivalent of the CFL... I like it :thup:

If the 3 MLS teams moved to the new Canadian league, it would provide more cost certainty for them assuming there would be a salary cap like the CFL and the fact that now Canadians are running the show and operating the show so you're not subjected to decision making for a league made up of mainly American owners.

Earl - just to be clear it would not be the three MLS teams that would join a Canadian Soccer League - it would be their minor league teams. You would not see players with multi-million dollar contracts like Bradley or Giovinco in the Canadian League. It would be Toronto FCII that might move from the USL to play in a Canadian league if King is right. (TFCII currently play in the USL out of a new 5,000 seat stadium up in Vaughan (just north of Toronto).

It look like this league wouldn’t be anywhere near the standard of the NASL, which is a Tier 2 league in North America.

You must mean tier 3 because your not trying to tell us the MLS is world class are you ?

In the USA - the MLS is the top level of soccer - so it is considered to be Division 1, NASL is recognized as Division 2 with USL generally regarded as Division 3 - but it is trying to be reclassified by the USA national soccer associations as also a Division 2 league.

In Canada because we don't have our own leagues the CSA does recognize our MLS teams as Divsion 1 teams and the NASL teams as Division 2. How a new league would be classified I guess will be decided in the next while.

Calgary as well is talking about a future move to USL after moving into PDL this summer.
With Ottawa and Hamilton both CFL owned and playing at CFL stadiums. FCE playing at Clarke part of the Commonwealth complex. Calgary could also play on the U of C grounds where a minor league baseball stadium stands but no team anymore.
Designs that would see Bell/TSN add a Canada pro soccer league in conjunction with CFL connections. As well Bell/TSN also has all MLS Canada rights. Primary partner of Vancouver and owner through MLSE in TFC.
Could see a Canadian division/league made up of the 3 USL clubs owned by MLS teams in Canada. As well the 2 or 3 NASL clubs and where ever Calgary may fit.

Whether an exclusive pro league like the CFL or inclusive like the 6 and likey 7 Canadian cities soon to make up about 25% of the NHL.

I'm holding off on my glee on this one, just because Duane Rollin's is the poster of this article and not only was he the one who basically said "Yeah, second NASL league" during the initial post, but reading some of his articles, you quickly realize he is one of the most petulant, virulent, anti-Argos, CFL is just old people oppressing us young folk, they don't understand MLS, the turf will be ruined forever soccer guys I've noticed.

He even went as far as to say soccer should support it's long-time enemy Bob McCown (who outright admits complete disinterest in the Argos) because McCown rips into the Argos fairly often, and he didn't used to do that, so it must mean the Argos are a sinking ship.

Mcown rips into the argos because his drinkinh buddies sokolowski and cynamon dont own them anymore.

We give this McClown way too much. Can someone call him and play him a clip of his "Dead, dead, dead comments" while on air ?


Rogers is a co-owner in MLSE and broadcasts TFC games on Sportsnet.

You are exactly right. The fact that most of the TFC games shown on Sportsnet are on SN360 should tell you where they rank TFC and MLS soccer. As for other matches that will come along with having an MLS club and a world class venue. Rogers is all in with the super sized sponsored VIP lounge for the likes of Euro club friendlies like Mann City. As well as the upcoming Gold Cup double header featuring Canada's mens National teams pool.

Awesome back and forth between the Women's team and the CFL social media guys

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CFL should stay far away from soccer as they can