CFL to avoid Strike!!

YAY!.. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

the CFL and the PA have reached an agreement, ratifying will be coming up shortly!

but YES!, no strike! and football for 2010!!

RIGHT ON! :rockin:

....according to tsn ,a new contract which includes drug testing has been reached by the CFLPA and the CFL....GREAT news for fans....bring on 2010... :thup: no details given's about time...

I just hope they didn't reduce the Canadian player ratio!

...... :thup: :thup: ...beat to the punch cflis the best....may as well merge these topics

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Ted Rogers must be spinning in his grave. And I wouldnโ€™t have it any other way.

...they're not saying much right now.... seeing as how this contract has to still be ratified...we'll slowly get the inside story before the season starts....hopefully.. :wink:

I have heard from a pretty reliable source that nothing changed in the ratio department

I imagine the whole ratio thing was just a bargaining tool. Good to hear a deal's been reached. :thup:

yay cfl players and owners arent as greedy as nhl,mlb, nba etc.. woohoo.

i guess the only question is about the drug testing altho id suspect that most players who play in the cfl dream of playing in the nfl where they already do have a drug testing policy so maybe not as big of a deal as some would think.

players smoke weed, ya big deal... weed is hardly considered performace enhancing. i guess my question about the drug testing is how the heck do u test for hgh or steroids? i thought it was almost impossible to detect.


There was never any doubt. It was just a matter of time.

I hope for the players sake that they have "won" this agreement instead of as usual taking a financial hit.
More money and more active players especially a Canadian QB would be nice.

i dont like the canadian qb thing... fact is if there were 8 or so canadian qb's who could play.. they would be in the cfl already. its pretty stupid imo to force a team to use an extra spot on a guy who will never ever play.. i dont even know if there are 8 canadian qb's who would even want to take that roster spot.

Just like any third string QB, be it US or Canadian the position dictates a development depth chart position.
So yes most of us would rather have a Candian.

i dont care if he's canadian american afghani, whatever... if he can play he can play.. if he cant, why waste a spot on him? doesnt make sense. at all.

Not too many third stringers move up within a year to start.
Having said that, I would therefore want to mandate a Canadian QB spot.

If the only thing that will be changing is a new drug policy and the percentage of monies players get, one can't help but wonder what took so long?

Agreed and if true, man I thought the players were going to bargain real hard, even to the point of threatening a strike.
So what happened?

Much steroid and PED testing is through urine testing, but HGH is a whole other animal yet to be tackled very effectively even by the NFL that I understand requires more often a blood test. Now with the former Argos' team doctor Dr. Galea mess, that dam has broken down here but it appears not yet up there.

I doubt the CFL is tackling the looming HGH issue yet either as is looming for all sports beyond merely football.

See the post in "Other Leagues" on HGH that I started before any of the HGH fuss in the news recently with some fine articles on the HGH "Elephant In The Room" also for both major pro football leagues and again down here in the US in cycling circles with a key Fed apparently on the prowl of Armstrong.

I would think with any drug testing that the CFL will just do about what the NFL does for sake of some steroids and PEDs and maskers with much of the stuff flying under the radar.

I would guess that the CFL won't care yet about also non-performance enhancing illegal drugs now though unlike in the NFL.

Progress not perfection, as this is the best news of the off-season for probably not just me with the new agreement to avoid a lockout and with at least some start to drug testing to clean up some long-lingering matters before the league turns into sort of a WWE freakshow in that regard. :thup:

Iโ€™m going to bet the 56% is still there. Finally the owners came to their senses.
If there was a lockout it would be on them in my opinionโ€ฆ
Anyways, great to have this for all intent and purposes done.
Iโ€™ll be interested to see what are the terms of the deal.