CFL to announce new 'crappy' TV deal today?

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The Canadian Football League's new television contract with TSN and RDS will be announced this afternoon.

The new deal, which will start in 2008, will have TSN as the dominant carrier of playoff games as well as regular season games. RDS will continue to air Montreal Alouettes airs as well as the post-season and Grey Cup.

Sources said this week that in the new deal, which will start in 2008, will eliminate the CBC as a carrier of regular season and playoff games. However, the public network will air the Grey Cup, which may be carried simultaneously on TSN.

The league's deal will be with CTVglobemedia, the company that owns CTV and TSN.

It had been speculated that CTV would take over as the Grey Cup broadcaster. However, CTVglobemedia will continue the tradition of the CBC participating in the league's Grey Cup game, sources said.

The CBC produced the first Cup telecast in 1952, and, except for a break in the early 1960s, has consistently aired the championship game as well as regular season and playoff games.

In October, CBC president Robert Rabinovitch said in an interview with (Cable Radio Television Telecom) that continuing to air CFL regular season or playoff games past 2007 was not a priority, but he wanted to keep the Grey Cup.

In the new TV agreement, it's possible, even likely that TSN would produce the Grey Cup telecast.

The CTVglobemedia TV deal, which includes Internet and mobile phone rights, is probably worth about $16-million to the CFL, $2-million to each club.

if your gonna cut out CBC, they shoulda replaced it with CTV, alot of CFL fans, who dont get TSN, will be left in the cold all season AND playoffs?....DUMB!

Have you looked at any numbers other than what you read in the papers dg? Might want to do this before you say this is just a dumb deal. Also, a better production for the games CBC used to carry may translate into a better deal for the league when this deal is done, may do nothing but enhance the image of the league. A lot of people don't like the way CBC does the games, nor in hockey also.

im not sayin its dumb because or the $$$ or cuz they are getting rid of sayin its dumb cuz they are not replacing CBC with a network, such as CTV, which has the same reach of audience.

i'd be fine with losing CBC if they got some games on CTV.

I agree this TV deal sounds not so great if there is no basic coverage for those who don’t have TSN. Maybe CTV will cover this. So if you rely only have TV aerial reception [not cable or satelite]you are left to ?? radio coverage if any.


Well, I wonder what the reason is for the way they have gone with this deal? Anyone?

It is a bad deal all the way through.

i like the way tsn does the games cbc looked low budget.who doesent have tsn?all cable companies carry tsn so buck up and spent the couple of bucks to see better viewed games

well, according to ratings, CBC averages somewhere around 500,000 per CFL game, and TSN gets 350,000.

so thats 150,000 people left in the cold every week, and will eventually forget about the CFL.


I find it hard to believe that TSN would be that stupid not to relieze that if they don't show as many games as the CBC did [on CTV] , T.V. ratings will go way down.

But at least CTV and TSN will promote CFL regular season games way better than the CBC ever did. :thup:

Allot of people don't have TSN or want to pay for it.

Many people don't even have SAT and/or cable T.V. access and/or want to pay for that.

Why pay to watch CFL games when you could watch them for free on the CBC or [hopefully , CTV]?

You want to make new CFL fans , not black mail them into watching CFL games.

CTV and the CBC are national free networks and are on many more T.V. sets than TSN is.

part of the reason CFL is getting more money this deal, is cuz they can say: our ratings are 4 million for the grey cup, 1 million per playoff game, 800,000 per labourday game and 500,000 every weekend game....

they wont beable to say that next tv deal, cuz weekend games, labourday games and playoffs are on tsn....

they will be handcuffed next deal....and u know the media will ignore the reasons and just write, 'CFL RATINGS TAKE NOSEDIVE'...which cant be good for sponsorship

So they are de-valuing the CFL’s worth on T.V. on purpose? NICE. :roll: :thdn:

Time to start writing TSN/CTV :thup:

This deal does nothing but put a much classier picture for the CFL. Think about it people, the league instead of giving away games to a friggin charity government run outfit has actually sold games to a privately run, well run as well, network that is willing to buy the games with money they have earned.

This is personally a great move by the CFL even if it means less homes get it as a freebie. No more free stuff, the CFL is worth something for a private firm to purchase the product. That is very, very nice and will make people take notice. Don't worry about the rating stuff some writers will concentrate on, the people in the know know what is actually going on.

u dont see the big picture.

theres alot of people who wont see the CFL on tv at all...out of sight, out of mind...attendance will probably fall abit as a result, as will sponsorship.

EARL...i dont care that the CFL isnt on CBC, ASLONG as they move the same amount of games to CTV!

drummer, I see that cable is where it's at. Why just let all sorts of people see it if with this deal the league doesn't get as much money? Doesn't make sense. We don't have to give our games away undervalued to the CBC. Neither does the NHL and believe me, they will lose HNIC if they don't put up bigger bucks next year or whenever their contract is up. The CFL does not have to accept a deal not worth as much just to get it in more homes on a cheapy basis. We are hopefully beyond that now as a league.
Don't get me wrong, if the CBC is willing to put up the bucks fine, but they aren't willing to or can't it seems. Also, BellGlobemedia sees to make more money with keeping it on TSN mainly as they see more people getting cable increasing their profits to see CFL games or whatever league does what the CFL is doing here.


Ok, ok, ok, I can read (not always, getting older and more senile :wink: ), as long as games are on CTV.
But maybe, like MNF where the ratings weren't good enough and ABC moved it to ESPN, BellGlobemedia sees their other programs getting better ratings than CFL games therefore they go to TSN. I don't know, what do you think of this explanation?

think of wrestling, boxing, UFC....they all put on Pay Per View...

inorder to sell the PPV, you have to give 'free samples', to let people know what they're missing.

WWF gives free samples in the form of RAW and Smackdown, then they hope to get you 'HOOKED' so u buy the monthly PPV.

UFC does the same with weekly free shows in Spike TV. and Boxing does this with free fights with Big name star vs hopes u buy the Big name stars next PPV.

CTV should to air ONE CFL game per week, so casual fans get 'HOOKED', then realize they are missing 75% of all weekly games, then order TSN....if not, the CFL is losing about 25% of its market, as they won't even get to catch a CFL game at all.

That does seem quite logical I have to admit dg the way you have just explained it.

well, its official:

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“It is our intention to air every single CFL game on TSN

This past season, the CFL had its second-highest average television viewership ever on TSN with a figure of 356,000.

compared to CBC numbers: On October 10, CBC recorded their highest regular season audience ever when 909,000 viewers** tuned in to watch Winnipeg host B.C. In addition, post-Thanksgiving average audience numbers for CFL on CBC game broadcasts grew to 532,000 from 474,000 viewers**, up 15 per cent over the equivalent period in 2004. The 2005 Grey Cup saw more than three million Canadians tuning in; the game audience peaked at 4.2 million**

unless CTV takes some games, the CFL will never see numbers like these again...

they aren't growing thier audience...they are shrinking it!