CFL to announce new Commissioner 3/17

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Press conference at 11 am EST/8 am PST.

Please don't be Braley.....

Everybody get their knives ready, just in case. :slight_smile:

Any guesses before the announcement?

Lonnie Glieberman :lol: :twisted:

Doug Hayes

Tom Anselmi is out as per Steve Simmons.

People had been thinking he would be key to get the Argos purchased by MLSE, as he was their previous President a few years ago.

I suspect it was a 3 horse race consisting of Glieberman, Horn Chen and Bruce McNall (with Nelson Skalbania tagging)

can't go wrong with any one of these. :smiley:

Let's hope/pray he's Irish (Catholic :smiley: ). :thup: Like me!!!

Another survivor jumping off the sinking CBC ship. Don't think he will have Cohon's appeal to the masses but probably has the ear and connections of the Corporate world.
But if he can straighten out the Toronto situation I'm all in.

Don't know too much about Orridge besides what I see on the TSN article.

Next...fix up the Argos

Excellent resume I must say! :thup:

From a post article. I can see why Anselmi didn't get the job as what he said or how he said it in this piece probably broke his bridge:

As new media drives engagement deeper, there are no limits on the costs for sports rights

[i]“I think that sports should be free over-the-air,? chimed in Orridge, espousing the OTA line.

“What you’re saying is it should be in front of the widest audience possible. And that’s how we feel it should be on basic cable, which is the same argument,? said Riley, reacting to Orridge. “I suppose I could x-out some of the kids channels I don’t watch and I could x-out Lifetime and a bunch of other channels but if we look at our cable bills that way, then it’s leading you down the road of some weird a-la-carte offering where now you’re ruling out different networks for different reasons and then the average cost to the consumer actually goes up for the same number of channels. Then the model just breaks down.

“It’s important for cable operators to remind their customers they are getting a heck of a value,? he added.

What’s really, dramatically, boosting the popularity of sports is the new multiplatform world. Stern said in Boston the NBA’s liberal online video highlights policy “just makes fans hungrier? for the games and their favourite teams and players.

Anselmi and Purdy said the entire Canadian sports industry learned a lesson from the Canadian Football League’s disastrous blackout policy in the 1980s and 1990s where the league preferred one platform (the stadium) over another (the television). If games weren’t sold out, they were blacked out, locally, on TV. That helped raise a generation of Canadians (Torontonians especially) who care little about the CFL because they rarely saw the Argonauts on television.

That policy “basically killed their brand and killed their product,? said Anselmi. That is, until TSN stepped in and basically saved the league with Friday Night Football, building the league into the centrepiece of its summer programming.

That lesson has been carried through to today where sports teams and broadcasters want to be in front of their fans, or in their hands, however and whenever possible on whatever platform possible. The MLSE COO noted that at last count there were 150 YouTube channels dedicated to the Toronto Maple Leafs, just one of which is run by the team, and “it’s probably in the top 10 in quality, but there’s at least nine others that are just as good or better,? he said. Heck, the Leafs even hired one of the YouTubers. “We hired this crazy kid who… was producing this stuff on a little camera in a basement and he had developed a following.?[/i]

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This new commissioner doesn't exude confidence to me. I would have preferred Tom Anselmi, former COO and president of MLSE.

dg, he was quite happy to say publically the CFL brand was killed. You really want someone like that as CFL commissioner?! :o :roll:

I didn't hear the presser. He said the brand was killed?

That's not a bad thing actually, it shows to me there's some work to do and he believes it can be done.

I'd rather have that, than someone saying things are great with their head in a sand of the challenges ahead.

No, that was a few years ago, in the article as you'll notice that I just posted a few posts back in this thread. Too negative for my liking in how he expressed his thoughts at the time for the league. Bridge killed IMHO. If you want to be a commissioner for a league, how you express yourself with such a phrase just doesn't work, at least for me.

Hmmm, I wonder if that was a factor in Anselmi not getting the job? He may have interviewed well, but a quote like that (although partly true) could have a spelled the end to his candidacy during the league's due diligence phase.

Fair enough rhymes, there was some truth to that as you say but again, as you say, certainly not the best way of expressing your thoughts as a future commish. He clearly wanted to distance himself from the league speaking like that and that is not the way to land the job.

Is he the 1st American , we have had.