CFL to air some games on CTV in 2024

The CFL comes to CTV this fall, with exclusive 3 p.m. ET Saturday games beginning Sept. 7; TSN and CTV combine to deliver afternoon playoff matchups, and the 111th GREY CUP –

Says afternoon playoff match ups. I presume only the East semi and final since they’ll likely get the 3 EST slot.

Lots of people have been wanting this for a long time. Curious to see the ratings for this one.

Reaching more eyeballs is never a bad thing


Yes a lot of people have been asking for an OTA channel for CFL and now they have it. Interesting to see how the ratings work out.


16 years too late… Bell should have done this from the get go when they obtained the rights in 2008…

Hopefully we put on some good games this year and gain a bit of exposure… not that anyone watches network TV anymore lol


I would assume they will continue to use TSN as the crew for CTV.


Buddy, I watch network TV all the time and I subscribe to Rogers middle of seat type plan and pay for so much Canadian sports content that I rarely watch. But happy to support Canadiana sports content. But it’s a bargain with Rogers Ignite as I’m sure it is with Bell and Cogeco and we are supporting Canadian content. With this I get enough American content to boot and as I say am supporting Canadian content with subscribing to traditional cable which is so easy and “plug and play” with the Rogers Ignite package, as I say Bell and Cogeco will have basically the same thing.
Network TV is gold and perfect for me that’s my situation, yours is obviously different. I get a great phone package, internet and cable deal less than $200 a month from Rogers Ignite. Works for this dude as a supporter of Canadian content while wanting enough American content to satisfy me. Network TV rules! Bottom line as a lover of the CFL living in Canada, the last thing as a fan is trying to find some free streaming feed of a CFL game and laughing I got one. If that is your thingy, that’s all yours my friend, go for it. Please just don’t contact me and “let’s go for a beer and some wings”. You are not the sort I wish to socialize with looking for free Canadian content that as Canadians we should pay a bit to help enhance our citizens that entertain us and contribute to us feeling great about ourselves as Canadians.
Whatever works for you though.


The drop in all types of linear tv viewing is why CTV is carrying the CFL. In the past of couple of years, CTV has added more NFL games, showed more men’s World Cup matches and will be showing more matches from the Euros.

There is rarely any entertainment program that gets over 1 million on CTV. Nightly news viewership has also fallen below 1 million. So, only thing left to attract eyeballs is sports.

US networks have been doing the same.


TORONTO — The Canadian Football League and Bell Media are proud to welcome the 111th Grey Cup on Sunday, November 17, to Canada’s most-watched conventional television network – CTV.

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It’s about time! Finally those with only basic cable or OTA TV have a free legal way to watch CFL football…


Wonder what changed Bell’s mind?

First time since 2007 (with CBC) the CFL is on linear (OTA) television.

This can help with ratings.


I find it a bit odd that the games are heavily focussed in the East and the two playoff games are the Eastern semi-final and Final. Other than Montreal games if you include both TSN and RDS, there are many more people in the West that tune into CFL games and the majority of advertising dollars come from the West. For whatever reason CTV has chosen not to maximize TV eyeballs or advertising revenue. We’ll see what happens.


They will find a way to screw this up too.

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We should all be thankful that Bell is willing to some CFL games on CTV.

So it’s East heavy. Better than no games at all on CTV.


I would think with the games staring in the fall. Putting the 7pm EST games on CTV would put them head to head with the eastern HNIC games.

Granted the NHL season wouldn’t start for another month, the September 7 3pm is SSK at WPG which would do well ratings wise

Also I noticed on the schedule all of the 4pm EST games have been changed to 3pm to accommodate this.


I saw that too, but they also could have changed the West game times to accommodate as necessary. The first game is the banjo bowl and should be the highest rated game of the lot except for the playoff games.

I’m not necessarily being critical, just making an observation. I’m just not sure why they are leaving money on the table. Perhaps there are good reasons for doing so I am not aware of. If it was the NHL I doubt they would show Winnipeg/Calgary
over Toronto/Montreal, which is essentially what they are doing here for the most part. Maybe they are trying to boost the weaker Eastern markets?

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Being the first year perhaps they want to start with the east. The east would cannibalize more with the NHL counterparts. But I do agree a West semi/final should hold it’s own.

But looking at the regular season portion, it seems pretty even. 2 all west, 3 all east and and 2 one of each.

Hopefully Bell be pleased and they can put all playoff games on next year.


Ever the optimist, eh rider? :slight_smile:

This could be a one year experiment (if ratings improve then it can continue on CTV) other than that it can remain on TSN.

Like I mentioned, enjoy the win. I have been advocating for the CFL to be on linear OTA television for years.

It can work on CBC as well but that will require an actual change in leadership at the top (removal of Katherine Tait would be a start, she’s even worst than Hubert Lacroix who lost the HNIC package along with Jeffrey Orrigde.