CFL & Tiger Cats Alumni Fundraiser next game

Hey there ALL Ticats Fans!

This is Leo Ezerins writing on the blog for the first time. My rookie experience so to speak. I am former Ticats, proud member of the 86 Grey Cup winning team, and privileged to be Executive Director of the CFL Alumni Association.

The CFL and Ticats Alumni will be holding a fundraiser before this weekend's game against perennial rival Blue Bombers.

We will be working on raising funds prior to the game Ticats Alumni and family will be posted around the stadium gates. They will be offering commemorative pennants for a $10 donation to the CFL Alumni Dire Needs Fund. The Dire Needs Fund financially assists former players and their families in time of need as a result of medical challenges. To help the guys who helped build our great League. This is a chance to help support these guys or should I say OUR guys since we are all part of the same family. A chance to show you care and to give a thank you directly. As you know the Alumni give back a great deal to the community...we are humbly asking for your direct support to some less fortunate former players.

WE are asking for a minimum donation of $10. In return you will receive a beautiful commemorative pennant.

Some of the former players who will be lending a hand will include Ben Zambiasi, Bernie Ruoff, Brian Hutchings, Jason Riley, Lee Knight, Bonk, Glen Timlock and current Alumni President Dave Lane, and me. The guys will be positioned at each of the gates starting around 5:30 PM.

These guys will join members of the 1972 Grey Cup winning team which will include Angelo Mosca, Tony Gabriel, Chuck Ealey, Bob Richardson, Bob Krouse, Gary Inskeep, Gerry Sternberg, Ian Sunter, Jim Papai, Dick Wesolowski, Mark Kosmos, and Bruce Smith. The 72 guys will be seated inside the stadium and available for autographing the pennants.

Every team and Alumni across the League have committed to a similar fundraiser.

We would like to thank the Hamilton Tiger Cats for their support especially Bob Young, Scott Mitchell and Mark Bowden.

Fire back any questions and I will do my best to get back to you....Eat'em Raw! Leo Ezerins #72

Great cause Leo. I can't make this game but do you have an address where a donation can be sent? Or will your guys be at any future games collecting donations?

An Argo-Cat fan


Thank you for your offer to support OUR cause!

You can send your donation to
Leo Ezerins
Executive Director
Canadian Football League Alumni Association (CFLAA/LCFAA)
5195 Harvester Road, Unit 11
Burlington, ON L7L 6E9


Please make the cheque out to the CFL Alumni Association with a memo/note CFL Dire Needs Fund...again thank you!


Cheers, Leo

Sounds super Leo, I will be donating for sure. :thup:

Shamless Bump!

WHY ISN’T THIS A STICKY??? C’mon give this cause some space and some ink. :thup:

WHY ISN'T THIS A STICKY???? C'mon give this cause some space and some ink. :thup:
What an opportunity to meet some All time Greats.

Guys from the 1972 team that will be there include Angelo Mosca, Tony Gabriel, Bob Krouse, Chuck Ealey, Inskeep, Sternburg, Sunter....

Other guys...
Ben Zambiasi, Lee Knight, John Bonk, Jason Riley, Paul Weiler (Pig Skin Pete retired), Brian Hutchings, Glen Timlock, Bill Kyle, Less Browne, Mike Samples, Bernie Ruoff, and a few surprises!

Not a bad group of good looking guys...some old faces with new teeth (and other body parts)....

Let's hope they don't bite. :wink:

sounds good leo :thup:

Hi Leo.

First of all, thanks for the great memories from '86.

Will the 72 guys all be sitting together in a certain section or box? Should I bring a pen for autographs, or will they have their own? And one final (impossible) request, could you bring back the best "colour guy" ever, the deceased Vince Mazza, to butcher the pronunciation of Mark Kosmos name ONE MORE TIME on CHML? :lol: (I really and truly do miss Vince and his colourful mispronunciations). He was Canada's answer to Norm Crosby. For those too young to remember:

8) Should be a great night Leo !!
 Looking forward to seeing some old friends from that 72 Grey cup team, especially the "Inkeeper"  !!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->  <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

What a great night for football! What a great Ticat win!

Thank you to all of you who supported our fundraiser! The event wenwas a successt well with the sale of over 300 pennants.

We have a few left..they can be bought online, the Ticat Store, and will be available at the rest of Ticat games...intil they are sold out!

We will also have an entourage of players out to support the Purolator Tackle Hunger Program for the Labor Day weekend game!

Thanks again! If you have any suggestions please let me can always email