CFL: Three-Live-Mic-Broadcasts-Over-Thankgiving-Weekend!

Just a reminder that three of the Thanksgiving weekend games will be broadcast with live mic's on the QB's and head coaches. The league tried this earlier in the season and it was incredible, like your right there in the huddle! Highly recommended, this must be seen and heard. It adds so much to the gameday experience they should do it for every game. :thup:

I disagree. Three in one weekend is overkill.

I don't see it as a gimmick, it adds a lot to the broadcast. The ref's are mic'ed, why not the QB's and coaches? :expressionless:

tonights game ott/ssk game has been dissapointing. great finish but terrible use of the live mic. most times commentators are talking over it and you rarely hear the play-call and chatter.

I think it is BS.


I agree. It was intensely AWFUL. Wily coaching coyotes like Corky Jones know they have to do it - but they also control what they say - and ability to shut the mike off when they want - so Corky basically said nothing the entire night. Imagine that, a verbose and vulgar individual saying nothing. Speaks volumes!

The only funny stuff this year was Dickenson forgetting to shut down his mic - and viewers getting exposed to his whiney tone!

Little Rickey Campbell was no fun either - basically a 4th analyst! :cowboy:

Agree too! great game.
But I don't understand what is supposed to be great about this mic thing? you hear the coach mumbling about something, the QB shouting out things in code. It adds "nothing" to the broadcast.
How about adding body cams to the players?

I certainly don't need the mic thingy to enjoy the game any better but hey, give credit to the CFL for trying something newish I say.

I hate them.

Live mics add nothing to the game.

I find them annoying and distracting.

I hope the CFL puts and end to this and files this experiment under epic fail.

Plus, it is hard enough for teams to prepare week in and week out.

Now they have to revamp the playbook lingo to protect whatever secrets may have been exposed.

While I agree the mic'd version of the Riders/RedBlacks game last night was not as great as the previous mic'd Calgary game, it still was interesting. My opinion of D. Durant went up a couple notches after seeing and hearing his leadership qualities...rather than watching a silent movie and not really knowing what is going on the field.

Lions not wild about open mic act

[url=] ... n-mic-act/[/url] :cowboy:

DD has always been a great Leader for us, but not a fan of the mic thingy...someone said body cams, yah that would be cool!!

Body Cam ? No. That would be horrible.

The TV screen would be bouncing all over.

Remember the helmet cam in the 91-92 WLAF ?

YouTube it. You will se what I mean.

I like the live mic. Good for the CFL for trying something new!

Maas and Reilly refused to wear them.

John LuVerified account
#Eskimos Maas says he & Reilly decided after arriving at stadium today they wouldn't wear live mikes. Reilly quote below.

Dumbass Eskimos..

They're going to get fined by the CFL.

...maybe Maas and Reilly are sort of Trump-like when it comes to being mic'd up....

The team should be fined. And both Maas and Rocco B. Rambunctious should receive individual fines.

Total amount shouldn't be incidental.

and this is coming from a guy who is totally repulsed by most of the live miking! Why agree to something if you back out later? :cowboy:

If EDM doesn't want to participate then they should not get their cut of the $40M TV contract that TSN pays the League.
Watch them pucker up if that happened!

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Yesterday, if not sooner!