CFL Third Jeresy Trend:First Ottawa Now montreal

well it looks like there seems to be a small trend going on in the CFL i do beleive you guys probaly notice this during the AL-Eskies game Montreal’s 3rd’s are good but they are not as good as the Rend Patroitic Red jeresy’s.

I dont think the jerseys Montreal had on last night were 3rd jerseys. I think its their NEW jerseys. Cause when every team got new jerseys, I noticed nothing different at all in Montreal’s Uniform, except for a different stripe colour on their pants.

And the announcer said, The Alouettes NEW jerseys are available in the boutiques in the stadium.

Hopefully its their new ones, cause for a change, I can say I like the Als jerseys. If it is their 3rd jersey, its by far better than the “Men in Black” ones.