CFL thinks Rider Fans Should be ashamed!

On the Front Page of the CFL website, they have “The Play Maker: Thought on Opening Week”. The Play Maker says the following about us Rider fans:

“Roughrider fans should be ashamed. There should have been more fans out for the season opener, even with the bad weather on opening night.”

In any other city, with the exception of Calgary and Edmonton, the league would be excited with 23,027 fans, so why do they say Rider fans should be ashamed? Apparently the Play Maker has never stood in a deluge of rain with a fierce lightning storm all around him. The fact that the game was delayed 30 minutes should tell the Play Maker that conditions were not safe for people. But apparently the CFL thinks a good fan should sit on a wet bench in a lightning storm.

What about the fans that don’t live in Regina? Has the Play Maker ever drove on a highway in a down pour or rain where he couldn’t see the lines on the road? Should good fans risk driving in that kind of weather to get to a football game?

Did they Play Maker ever consider that another reason for not selling more than 23,000 tickets was that TSN and the Leader Post leaked out the fact that the black out was being lifted in the Saturday edition of the paper?

I think the CFL owes Rider fans an apology on the Front Page of their website.

Sorry for such a long post, but this ticks me off.

…i wouldn’t get too bent outta shape…the Playmaker has said a lot of dumb things over the while…as for a retraction, don’t hold yer breath…the CFL will tell you the article is an editorial, and as such the Playmaker is free to express his views and the league does not necessarily agree or disagree with them…

…but if the mail can be delivered through rain, sleet or snow and you guys have driven home to the rest of us time after time how you are the greatest fans on earth, why would some wacky prairie weather hold you back from attending the game?..I’d be crapping all over the Leader Post if I were you…sheesh, the Stamps had 20,000 or so fans out to the rider PS game here and the weather that night was equally abyssmal…

Well I was there so im not feeling shameful, stupid playmaker.

Why have they not mentioned Toronto was it to hot there. One thing about Rider fans nothing stops them from going to a game other then the comfort of your own home. Blame the Leader Post this did not help out the team.

Attandance is for Eastern teams that have been in danger of folding up like the Expos ( that will include the Bombers this year). Football is alive and well in the west so it does not matter. The CBC has finally realized that Labour Day is not the time to start the coverage bulk of the sit on the fence fans will all be home from the beach and will be back at the park then.
The Riders know that Sat nights in the summer are a hard sell so they lift the black-out…see the finished product on the field and hoe to average 25,000 until Labour day.

If I was a Rider fan I’d be ashamed :oops:

Why on EARTH are Saturday nights in the summer a hard sell?!? Does this seem asinine to anyone else?

The thing is man, some people don’t want to drive in that kind of weather on the highway. My family and I were driving from Saskatoon where it had been raining freaking hard for 2 hours, and there was so much water on the road that it was hard to steer and control your vehicle. Now think about the people that sit beside me every game, they live 4 hours away on a farm, who would want to drive 4 hours in bleeding pouring rain where you have to keep your eyes open so you don’t end up in the ditch instantly. That is why my friend :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Well i’m not sure who you are talking about, Riders or someone else, but for Saskatchewan and probably Winnipeg, lots of people that go to the games are farmers, but they need to stay home and work the farm in every piece of good weather they get. Often for some reason Saturday’s are nice days and evenings. :smiley:

Could it be that schools out and a lot of people are away? Does it really matter? What matters is that the Riders thump the liven **** out of the tabbies!!!